May 21, 2013 at 3:14 pm

Your Business Message: The Education Behind Inbound Marketing

Your Business Message: The Education Behind Inbound Marketing

We get the question frequently, “How can you write for my business?” With so many niche organizations, we can’t possibly master the details, can we?

We don’t pretend to be experts in your products or services – and that’s why we need you. You are the mind, passion and process behind your business. People buy your brand because of your purpose. We can’t execute your inbound marketing strategy and represent your brand through blogs and social media without your input. There’s an essential piece to our puzzle and that’s your input. As a business, when you begin an inbound marketing campaign with us, we require complete commitment to not only learning the process of what we’re doing, but educating us behind your process. How do we learn your business?

In the trenches.

We spend a day or two with youimage. Get used to it. We’re going to become very close. We’re going to invest in your business. We’ll dig into the intricacies. We’ll want to understand every aspect of what you do. WHY you started your organization. Your VISION behind your brand. The PURPOSE behind your products and the PROCESS that you execute on a day to day basis. Don’t worry. Your secrets are safe with us. By understanding more about your business we get into the frame of mind you were in when you started. The time when you were most passionate. We ignite that,
channel it, and it fuels all the content moving forward.

Your buyer persona.

Once we understand more about your business, we create characters that represent your ideal buyer persona. We determine what a day in their life is like. What their concerns are, HOW they research and make decisions and what motivates them.  This helps us to get into the right mindset when we’re generating content on blogs, social media and eBook downloads. By the time we finish, we have a BIG understanding of your demographic and how they buy.

Expertise & Planning.

The last of it is a combination of experience and careful planning. We’re strategic about everything we do. We plan content down to the individual blog posts and downloads for each of the personas that we identify. Not all of those customers will buy the same way and so it’s important that your content reflect that. We’re gifted writers that have an in-depth understanding of the psychology that drives people.

Is it cookie cutter? Not at all. There is no “magic process” that we can apply to your business and transform the marketing. We adapt and execute a strategy according to your business and what will work for it. No conveyor belt. Just amazingly effective content that drives business and pushes leads down your funnel.

We’re not you, and we never can be. But with a little collaboration we can transform your marketing and push your message and brand further than you ever imagined.

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