Stephanie is our Social Media Manager. Queen of all things social (and often things like graphic design, content and anything else we can convince her to take on)  – she keeps our clients in touch with their fans, followers and connections. Armed with a good amount of research, she pins, tweets, Instagrams and Facebook’s her way into the hearts of their target market.


Steph-HIGH RESIf you were to look up the definition for the phrase jack-of-all-trades, you would find my picture front and center.  My journey has led me through little bits of experiences and it’s those little bits that have led me to What She Said Marketing.

I got my degree in Journalism from the University of Arkansas, so you’re probably thinking that I got a job at a newspaper and started writing on the crime beat.  I didn’t do that.  Instead I chose to try on many different jobs and acquire skills that I found I loved even more than writing news stories: graphic design and marketing.

I also love to blog.  I wrote album reviews for a popular Fayetteville, Arkansas blog, and I have had a handful of personal blogs.  Most of my time and attention goes into my photography blog.

Social media is interwoven into the fabric of my life.  I use it to connect with my family and friends, share new photos I have taken, and post interesting links.

As the Social Media Manager for What She Said, I am allowed to combine all of my experience to assist in creating excellent inbound marketing content for our clients that brings the customer to them.  Plain and simple.