Erik is our web developer. All we really know is that he’s amazing at what he does. He often speaks in code that goes over our heads. To say that he’s passionate about what he does is an understatement. Much like the rest of our team, he has been active in his craft since a very young age. He’s pretty amazing at what he does and we’re lucky to have him with us. The gist? If you can dream it, he can build it.


Picture 268I have always had a knack for all things code. In elementary school my first website was built as a resource for the telnet based MMORPG I designed levels for using the school’s computer labs.

I am an expert in Linux, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Javascript, & CSS. I was also certified in C++ and Pascal, two assembly languages, before the age of 14.

Now in my late twenties, I telecommute to jobs all over the world with my furry companion, an Australian Shepard, who sleeps under my desk.

I build everything from security applications in the EU, e-commerce stores across the U.S.A, spa booking systems in Hawaii, pay-per-view video sites in the UK, all the way to MLS systems in Malaysia.

Using google analytics push events I have built tracking systems that map users interactions with client sites down to their mouse movement.

In my off time I write technical articles for a WordPress mu developers blog and can be found actively participating in the WordPress multi-site community forum. One of my latest interests is using 3-D printing and arduino based systems to bridge digital and analog aspects of my surroundings.