Ashley is our Content Curator and Social Media Coordinator. She is responsible for gathering research, statistics and creating amazing content on behalf of our clients and handling social media logistics. There are few things more important than the content that we put out for our clients and Ashley makes sure that everything she creates is original, creative, and remarkable. She’s a wordsmith. An artist, if you will. We like to think of what she does as creating art with words.


Ashley JonesI’m from the Midwest with a passion for writing all things worth reading, from personal and corporate blogs and digital news content, to birthday cards and to-do lists.

I studied Journalism at Missouri State University because I was drawn to the idea that my words could inform, entertain, or generate discussion. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a crazy curious and inquisitive person.

My degree has taken me down a variety of career paths. From conducting research and writing reports, to producing online content for a local news station, and now What She Said! These opportunities have allowed me to use a variety of writing styles successfully.

In my free time I enjoy listening to and talking about indie music, creating art that may or may not be art, and Netflix. So much Netflix.