As our fearless leader, Amber got her start in Inbound in 2010 as a Hubspot customer. She became such an evangelist that she started assisting the sales team to close new business by offering references to Hubspot prospects. When the services marketplace launched in 2010, she began a plan to leave job security behind and establish an Inbound Marketing company of her own. Despite approaching traditional agencies with her “new fangled marketing” none took interest and she took the plunge solo. In May of 2011, Eloquent Marketing became the first Hubspot Certified Partner in Southwest Florida. In 2013, we rebranded the company to What She Said Marketing Solutions. We are a small, but mighty agency. Our greatest power comes in our ability to craft amazing content. That power, coupled with an unparalleled experience with the Hubspot software differentiates us from other agencies and partners.

Here’s a little note from Amber (she’s not a sugar-coater) :



Amber lo-rezI’ve been a blogger since before the term “blog” came about, so I’d be lying if I said I don’t love talking about myself. My trek into the world of Inbound Marketing is an interesting one. I’m fairly certain that there was never a more well-suited industry for anyone in the history of the world. So sit back and bear with me as you learn exactly how and why I ended up doing what we’re doing today.

I’ve been writing for an online audience since the launch of America Online.

I’m an organic marketer by nature. Maybe because I was a bartender for many years while I was in school (University of Central Florida, BA). I made it my goal to determine buyer persona the moment a customer sat down.
Selling, upselling and keeping them coming back for more was a fine art. You become a master of psychology and marketing if you spend enough time behind a bar.

I also accidentally took 3 statistics classes in college.

I dabbled in website content and SEO copywriting. I dabbled in Pay Per Click.

I had all these skills that didn’t seem to fit anywhere in particular.

Shortly after I got my first Director of Marketing job, I was tasked with the social media, the website analytics, increasing traffic, updating website content, blogging, creating ads, “SEO”, and tracking all of it. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to spend my time.

So I started researching. I’m a diligent researcher. (Thanks, Google!)

That’s when I found Hubspot:
A way to track every single marketing activity I was participating in on a daily basis.
A way to finally know if we were getting any ROI from our print ads… a way to know WHERE my time was best spent.

So, you see, you and I? We’re not that different. It’s my mission to make marketing simple.
Hell, it’s my mission to do marketing for you.

And as an aside – I regularly indulge in dirty grey goose martinis.