MSP_WSSDEC15_0073-Edit-EditAdria is our Inbound Coordinator, dabbling in everything from Social Media Management to managing small projects and keeping us organized. She helps to ensure that operations run smoothly by stepping in where necessary and getting things done. Working at warp speed with a no-nonsense approach and superstar attitude, we like to think of her as our secret weapon for productivity.



I was born in Philadelphia, PA, but moved to Florida when I was 9 years old. I miss the change in seasons, but consider Florida to be my home. I graduated from University of Florida with a degree in Business Administration/Accounting. (Go Gators!) I left work when I had my first child and now, three kids and 10 years later, I am reentering the workforce! It’s an adjustment, but I have always had an interest in marketing and am ready to tackle it head on!

In my “free time”, I am an avid CrossFitter and runner. I love to stay in shape and spend time outdoors doing anything active! I also love reading pretty much any genre of book I can get my hands on.