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When the Heck Do I Post? The Latest in Best Social Media Posting Times

When the Heck Do I Post? The Latest in Best Social Media Posting Times

best social media posting timesThey say that knowing is half the battle. What does it look like to not be in-the-know? It looks like a harried social media manager slamming four cups of coffee, barely getting out of her muumuu and into actual clothes, creating posts, and then adjusting and readjusting posting times for the accounts she manages in an attempt to connect with her followers. It can get ugly, y’all.

It can be a serious challenge to connect with your social media followers and all the different platforms have different peak usage hours. Not knowing those times can really hurt your organic reach to your followers. This is particularly true for Facebook as of late.

Lucky for us, this in-depth infographic from SurePayroll and Ghergich & Co. lays out the best practices for the optimal posting times on several of the social media heavy-hitters. It also includes some stats on the sites users. For example, did you know the fastest growing demographic on Google+ is 45-54 years old? Now you do.

So, what’s the takeaway? The takeaway is that this is a handy, best practices infographic. However, there are still some things you should consider before you pull your hair out and start rescheduling all of your posts.

1)     Post for YOUR followers: Just because this infographic says the worst time for sharing on Pinterest is during normal work hours doesn’t mean that applies to your followers. This is a great guideline for new accounts or for those who have struggled getting the engagement they want. Focus on the posting times that work best for your following.

2)     You Don’t Have to Be Everywhere: If you’re not seeing the desired engagement on a platform and you have already changed content, posting times and buyer personas, it may be time to abandon ship. Not every platform is for every business. And that’s ok. Trim the fat and focus on the platforms that get you the best engagement.

3)     Stay In the Know: Keep yourself updated on all social media news and changes that are being made to all of the platforms. Some changes really affect how and when you reach your following. Staying abreast on any updates allows you the time to come up with a creative tactic that will keep you connected to your followers.

Being armed with the most up-to-date best practices in social media marketing allows you to manage your engagement with your followers properly and gives you a basic guideline for the right times to connect. Changes in social media ebb and flow; staying on top of these changes will inevitably make your job a little easier.

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