Responsive Design. 
Imagine a world where your website works like a member of your sales team. It identifies whether the person is a new visitor, an existing customer, a lead or another type of contact and filters your home page with content geared specifically towards them.

Easy template setup for continuity.
Create and save templates based on frequently used formats for easy and simple creation of landing pages and other content on your website.

Easily access and manipulate your style sheets and HTML with graphic visibility on your changes. No more breaking your site!

It’s optimized across different devices, too.
Not only does the COS optimize your content, but it creates different versions of your pages based on the device that your visitor is viewing it from. You can preview the page as you’re creating it and make changes to optimize the user experience. Much better than a customer viewing your page from their phone and having to zoom in to each section or (worse) being subject to whatever janky mobile version is available with the template you purchased.

The new Hubspot COS is an absolute game changer for