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Weird Inbound Marketing Advice: 3 Signs your Company Should Blog LESS 

Weird Inbound Marketing Advice: 3 Signs your Company Should Blog LESS 

475177099How often does your company blog? Are you a religious 3x a week blogger? More? Less? By now you probably have some idea that blogging can be one of the best ways to get your company in front of its target audience, but being diligent about blogging and coming up with creative, unique content every week can be difficult. If you’re seeing some stagnant blog traffic, have seen your leads recently plateau or are just plain burnt out on blogging, I have a little piece of inbound marketing advice for you: it might be time for your company to blog less. Seem a little crazy? An inbound marketing evangelist telling a company that they need to blog LESS? Hear me out. Sometimes quality is better than quantity. casino malaysia

Your blog views are unimpressive and nothing seems to help.

You feel like you’re doing everything right. You have a content calendar, you blog regularly, even on the same days and around the same time. You know that your following has a good idea of when you post – yet your blog views have been awful as of late. You receive little to no comments and you just can’t get the engagement back. You’re definitely not alone, but it may be time to take a step back and start blogging a little less frequently. The quality of the content that you’re writing is much more important than how frequently or regularly you post (though if you can post AMAZING content on a regular basis, that’s always better). Spend time brainstorming, talk to other people in your company or even call up a client or customer. Get inspired. Often we find that blog topics come from everywhere. The more you step outside the box, the more likely you are to find amazing content that’ll captivate your readers.

You focus heavily on social media and have great interaction, but get very few leads from it.

If you have an impressive number of connections on LinkedIn, followers on Twitter and Facebook likes, odds are you’re doing something right with your audience. After all, they signed up to keep in touch and get the latest from your company. But if your engagement is great on social media and you’re still coming up short in your sales goals, something’s not right. Take some time to do some content alignment. Drill down closely and discover exactly what makes your buyer persona tick. Discover their wants, needs, and pain points are and cater to those needs with content. Like you are in the everyday of your business, be a problem solver. HELP PEOPLE. You started your business with a vision and goal in mind. Your products and services help others. Don’t get away from that. Keep it in the back of your head when you’re crafting your content.

You just aren’t “feeling it” anymore.

166370070It’s easy to get bored writing your own content. Believe me. I know. We write blogs for a living. You can’t always be “in the mood”. Just like in a relationship, the glamour and interest that you may have once had for blogging can wane and wither away. It doesn’t mean that blogging isn’t useful or that you can’t rekindle your love for blogging. Take a step back from your blog for a bit if you’re losing your passion. It will still be there when you get back. Explore the world and find a story that relates to your audience. Never lose your ability to tell a story. One of my favorite writing gurus, William Zinsser says, “All writing to me is a journey. It’s saying to the reader, ‘Come along with me; I’ll take you on a voyage,’ Writers do that by never losing sight of the fact that they are telling a story.” It’s that simple. If you’re telling a story and not just selling a product when you write a blog, you’ll engage others.

Sometimes writing sucks. It’s definitely a process and it definitely takes a lot of work to writing engaging content for your audience week after week. But rather than becoming discouraged, take some time and remember that blogging less is okay – as long as the content that you’re offering is valuable. A single article can be picked up by the right website or news outlet and gain massive exposure, resulting in tons of leads and sales. If you remember that quality, relevant, engaging content should always be your number one goal – you’ll never lose your readership and will continue to gain exposure with your target audience.

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