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Three Ways to Measure Traditional Marketing with Hubspot

Three Ways to Measure Traditional Marketing with Hubspot

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One of the initial questions that we typically hear with our new prospects is “Why should I invest so much money into this software when I should just be able to hire you to do my marketing?” or the abbreviated version, “Is Hubspot worth the cost?”

The short answer is yes. The fact of the matter is that you can’t afford to market without Hubspot. From print ads to pay-per-click, website display ads and everything in between, Hubspot isn’t just an inbound marketing and marketing automation software. Hubspot offers you the power to understand exactly where your marketing dollars are going and how you’re converting leads with that investment. Here are just a few ways that you can measure your existing efforts with Hubspot (on top of all the amazing inbound marketing analytics).

Tracking URLs Joker123

Whether you spend $500 a month or $5,000 a month on website display advertising, tracking URLs will tell you exactly what sort of results you’re getting from your investment. Simply plug a URL into the tracking URL builder and assign a campaign to it. Over time you can track how many visitors you got from that particular display ad campaign and even view granular data like which pages were viewed when you get contacts from those visits.

Landing Pages

If you’re a big fan of print advertising, using a landing page can help you to better track the website visits that result from the ad. While the majority of the exposure from a print perspective relies on branding, you’ll want to better under stand which of those potential customers are interested in your products and services. Rather than blindly sending them to your website and checking your traffic or hits on that day without knowing which came from your ad, you can put a landing page URL into your ad (like www.mycompany.com/lookhere). The landing page should reference copy from your ad and be targeted to the demographic in the publication that the ad was placed in. You can even create a download or resource guide that you can exchange for their information.

Downloads and Forms

By offering valuable insight to your prospects in the form of whitepapers or other resource downloads, you can easily exchange your insight and expertise for prospect information. Understanding which advertising methods drawing traffic is one thing, but getting a potential customers information and opt in for special promotions or future resources is invaluable. It’s a direct lead acquisition and offers the ability to push that lead down the funnel with the marketing automation that Hubspot is so well known for.

Hubspot isn’t just an e-mail marketing tool. It’s not “just a more expensive version of Google Analytics” and it’s definitely not overpriced or non-essential to your marketing. According to Arthur Nielson, “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” If you invest any money at all into your marketing, you should know where that money is going and how your efforts are bringing in business. If you gain a better understanding of what is actually working, you can tweak your efforts accordingly and significantly decrease your cost per lead.

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