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There seemed to be additionally a sacred endless fire and sex orgies

There seemed to be additionally a sacred endless fire and sex orgies

The Eternal Flame

At some time i have to add footnotes to mention my tools when I in the morning doing this mostly from storage but i do believe it is important to obtain the suggestions available to choose from! I have been doing some hefty analysis on the Druids and also the old pony riders in the Pontic Steppes. I do believe I have been able to report these old horse people because the ruling lessons associated with old Celts. The Druid heritage emerged to get this governing course.

The combination of intimate orgasm energies because of the sacred drink exposed the greater facilities in a sacred initiation that has been performed by priestesses

In a recent conversation Blijf dit lezen the topic of the sacred fire regarding the Druids came up and this also article was my personal a reaction to that. It seems that some men moved to Ireland around 3,000 BC when I’ve discussed in past content. However among these folks stayed in Pontic Steppes and emerged once the Sarmatians around 700 BC.

The ladies of ancient Sarmatian pony bikers are fighters also the boys and 20per cent of graves had been of women in fight armor. These people lived-in wagons along with big herds of cattle and ponies. At one-point the Sarmatians had been mistaken for the Scythians because they resided and occupied many exact same countries. Relating to old supply the Sarmatians pretty much resided on horseback together with reddish hair. The Greeks called these Sarmatian warrior female Amazons plus it got thought that the area of Samothrace and its own secrets are based by Amazons.

The sacred secrets of Samothrace existed from 700 BC until 400 advertising if they were replaced from the Eleusinian mysteries. We realize almost no about these secrets except that these were Warrior Goddess focused, present a sacred drink that was a form of drink laced with narcotic mushrooms which produced a situation much like LSD intoxication. This initiation is open to everybody of all of the courses and of either gender.

What exactly is this eternal flame? All the sacred mysteries got an eternal fire. What performed that basically suggest? Interestingly sufficient it absolutely was some route working I’d accomplished for your order Aurum Solis that supplied the clear answer. The endless flame ended up being the important life force of existence alone that burned and purified all residing factors in an unending pattern of dying and rebirth into newer types. Lives itself is a flame that will be eternal and it has never ever eliminated considering that the very first mobile life recreated the next generation!

And girls comprise the keepers of your divine endless flame which burnt continuously within sacred temples. And this also sacred life-force was sexuality and fertility! It absolutely was desire and death and rebirth! It absolutely was the flame of desire for dwelling!

The survival pressures in the ancient world made people stronger inside the reduced chakras but the larger your happened to be tougher to start and that is precisely what the Sacred Wine is for.

The Druids got this sacred flame plus they got priestesses that have been keepers of this sacred fire which lived aside in remote markets. It is certain that celebrations of the sacred flame present the active involvement of a higher Priestess that parties occurred through the entire Druid business. Also, it is sure that there is an unique celebratory drink that was useful for these special events.

The first Druids may have brought this training with them when they moved to Ireland around 3,000 BC or they othrace mysteries comprise 1st developed as the Druid community extended much into Gaul by 700 BC. This is the secret of ultimate goal! It had been many sacred mystery on the Druids and is a most sacred Goddess driven puzzle. At times of the year like Beltaine all are invited to take part with this holy communion and drink this sacred drink.

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