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The Time Wave: When You Should Post to Social Media

The Time Wave: When You Should Post to Social Media

The Time Wave: When You Should Be Posting to Social Media

I travelled home to visit some family at the beginning of July, and by some I mean I did a sweeping tour of Missouri to see many relatives who live nowhere near each other.  Lucky for them, I love to drive.  During my trip, an uncle of mine was very curious about my position as a social media manager.  With furrowed brow, he asked me a litany of questions that were really summed up into just one question: What do you mean you get on Facebook for a job? Anyone can do that!

I attempted to explain the value of marketing through social media and the benefits of inbound versus outbound marketing.  I explained that as a social media manager, I strive to engage people and, in order to do so, I make calculated posts – I don’t just slap up any old post.  With brow still furrowed, my uncle changed the conversation to my daughter.

I love talking to family and friends about what social media marketers do.  We aren’t just messing around on The Facebooks (I don’t really call it that) all day; There is actually a rhyme and reason to what gets posted and when.  What your family and friends don’t see is you spending hours with trial and error posts in attempt to figure out the best times to post for your company or your clients followers.

Let’s pretend for a moment that I have a tack-sharp memory and the ability to whip out statistics at a moment’s notice.  In order to explain the importance of not posting willy-nilly, I might have told my uncle that 751 million Facebook users check their accounts from a mobile device, and that 80% of those users check their phones early in the morning. That stat is too good to be ignored.  It also fully explains the importance of paying attention to your posting times versus when your audience is online.

Are you new to social media marketing and overwhelmed by the prospect of posting at the exact right time? Here’s something that will make you feel better: There is not one single perfect posting time for every account. However, there are some best practices that can give you a general idea when most people are online.

Rachel Roberts, one of our Inbound Consultants, worked up a handy social media infographic that breaks down the best times to post to social media.  These are simply guidelines showing highest and lowest traffic on four popular social media platforms. Remember, not all accounts are created equal.  Adjustments will surely have to be made to cater to your audience.

best time to post to social media, social media infographic

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