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The Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist isn’t any doubt more profitable East and Central African artist

The Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist isn’t any doubt more profitable East and Central African artist

One of his huge fulfillment is being the greatest paid singer in the region, and he makes massive arises from music ringtones.

From a very humble underground singer in order to become a reigning Afro pop music artist just who now possesses a tracking studio-Wasafi traditional kid (WCB) tracking tag. Diamond is undoubtedly a brand leading reckon. It will be informative to state he is many bankable Bongo artist of most occasions.

Diamondaˆ™s living leaves absolutely nothing to the creativeness that he’s extremely rich, as a consequence of their profitable musical exploits. Income from record record album marketing, local and intercontinental performances, result in the Utanipenda hitmaker a multi-millionaire.

Inside the house country, the Wasafi files artist charges Ksh.370,000 per tv show. International programs and trips build the singer around KSh.2.3 million per gig.

Like that has been a small success, the guy generated records after obtaining six-time platinum sales on their 2021 solitary aˆ?Marry Youaˆ™ featuring the American Star Ne-Yo. Presently, the song enjoys attracted huge YouTube vista standing at a rising 23 million figure.

At one of his true efficiency in Rwanda, the guy required an income of $100,000 (around Sh10 million) from the organisers. Should you want to lock in a collabo using musician be prepared to spend the $3,000 (Sh300, 000) for an audio tracking and $6,000 (Sh.600, 000) for a music videos capture.

To grow his musical kingdom, Diamond launched a bold intend to establish Wasafi TV and Wasafi broadcast in February 2021. Regrettably, your panels was shelved because of quite a while it takes to protect a license through the authorities.

Itaˆ™s no secret your build use Sing hit-maker gets a large bundle of money from his sounds plus Diamond Platnumz wide range offers beyond simply profits from his profession. During an E TV interview, the artist estimated his internet worthy of are US$ 4 million (KShs.405 million) putting some musician the wealthiest performers in Africa.

Numerous organizations bring knocked on Diamondaˆ™s door with endorsement offers. He or she is a brand name ambassador to multinational businesses like Coca Cola, Vodacom, DSTV and Red Gold.

Diamond Platnumz house

Tanzaniaaˆ™s Diamond Platnumz is certainly not residing a shack. His newer residency resonated better with his newfound monetary muscle mass. Not too long ago the guy obtained a house the guy calls a ‘Statehouse’ calculated to price over KSh.70 million. The posh home attributes a gold-plated lavatory and designer-made gypsum roof. As soon as execute our home will rock and roll a studio, gym, dancing hallway, darts playing room and a basketball legal.

A while back once again Diamond acquired a magnificent home in Southern interracial cupid Africa. The property exchanged fingers during the birthday celebration of his then enthusiast, Zari Hassan.

Through a social media update on Instagram, Diamond Platnumz was observed to possess offered hints getting ordered another property for his kids mama, Hamisa Mobetto. The musician’s mama was said to possess earlier ejected the lass from Diamondaˆ™s Madale residency.

Are a person of methods, Diamond offered a give of assist to his mother, Sanura Kasimu by redesigning their own outdated home in Tandale. Renovations regarding strengthening pricing the Bongo musician an astonishing Ksh.4.7 million.

Diamond Platnumz cars

Sounds is focused on showbiz. Without glamour, a community figure renders just a little effect to their fans. Diamond knows all this. The guy really doesnaˆ™t skip a chance to show off their latest experience to the woman enthusiasts and critics. We donaˆ™t count on the successful artist to sit behind the wheels on a rusty beat-up car. Although detailed information of their rides is unavailable when you look at the community site, these represent the most notable flights he’s got accumulated:

  • Luxury 2014 SUV Hummer H3.
  • A 2021 black secure Cruiser 200 show with Wald edition system kit and 22-inch chrome wheels.
  • Goes Royce Phantom 7 costing that applies to around $200,000.

Diamond Platnumz news

As with any public numbers, Diamond is not immune to being pulled to the murky arena of bogus accusations and unfounded rumours. But individuals when mentioned that you will find some element of reality in a rumor. Letaˆ™s isolate the grain from chaff and ascertain whether Diamond Platnumz is guilty as energized for all the rumor mills.

Diamond Platnumz gay rumours

Rumours being circulating doubting the intimate positioning. Gay states been released after the artist was spotted rocking an anklet on his leg during a recent efficiency in the usa. Diamond have, but appear clean to reinforce that he is directly together with decoration ended up being simply a fashion statement.

Diamond and Zari back once again with each other rumours

Diamond and Zari are rumoured to stay in the process of reconciliation. As a rejoinder, the supervisor girl refuted any potential both would get together again.

Even if Zari together with Bongo singer comprise in an union, phrase went the artist ended up being active obtaining lower with design, Hamisa Mobetto. Additionally rumours which he is responsible for her maternity added pounds to your conflict. Entry on Diamondaˆ™s side after validated the rumours.

Diamond Platnumz deathaˆ“ was Diamond Platnumz lifeless or live?

Celeb death joke has become typical today because of the social media marketing and expanding blogosphere. Diamond is actually alive. Death of the Bongo heartthrob made statements on February 2021 as rumors ‘killed’ the musician, virtually.

Diamond Platnumz had a wash with demise on Summer 25, 2021. On was long ago college accommodation coupled with his uncle and two some other friends, any sort of accident occurred. The good news is they live the experience. The 2 brother got just done in a meeting in Oakland, Ca American.

Diamond Platnumz freemasonaˆ“ is-it true?

Freemason are one of the most well-known and oldest secret societies is recognized to bring membership increasing to any or all corners associated with the globe. For 200 decades the community provides hoarded within their ranks individuals of all areas of life; royals, army generals, diplomats, judges, stars, Clerics to mention some.

With a complete figure of more than six million Freemasons on earth, statements of celebrities getting an element of the key community include rife. Until facts substantiating the accusations that Diamond Platnumz is part of the secret people relates to light, the issue is debatable.


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