January 27, 2014 at 11:05 pm

The Goldilocks Guide to Finding your Perfect Customer

The Goldilocks Guide to Finding your Perfect Customer

perfect customer Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. To refresh, she was the one who rolled into the three bears’ house and made her way to her “perfect” day – testing porridge, chairs and beds until she found the perfect one for her. As a consumer, we could say Goldilocks was hard to please, but really she just liked what she liked. As marketers, we could stand to study Goldilocks a little closer. Many consumer brands understand that there’s a wide variety of what their customers like and those consumers don’t want to test their way to the right one. Just like in Goldilocks’ case, your product or service can’t be too hard, too soft, too hot or too cold – it has to be just right. When it comes to finding your perfect customer, its important to know their wants and needs and align those wants and needs with your products or services in your marketing.

Target the right prospects.
One of the reasons that Goldilocks had such an issue finding the right porridge and chair was because she really didn’t belong in the three bears’ house to begin with. Often you’ll find this Goldilocks issue occurs with outbound marketing tactics. While a prospect may come to you via referral or cold calling – you have no way of knowing what they need until its too late. Customers don’t have time to spend assessing whether your products are perfect for them. A more ideal scenario would be a customer coming to you, having done their research and knowing exactly what they want. But how do you target those customers?

Understand your customers’ buying patterns.
No one knows your customers like you, so having intelligence on how they make decisions is crucial to getting them on board to buying your brand. By utilizing a lead intelligence software, you can gain insight into how your best customers found you and the content that they looked at prior to making their decision to buy. By looking at information like site pages viewed, downloaded content and conversion assists, you can dissect the buying patterns of your best customers in order to target other prospects like them. 

Gear your content to your ideal customers.
Once you know how Goldilocks (read: your ideal customer) likes her porridge – you can help to educate her on the rest of her buying decisions. What if Goldilocks has never tried a certain delicious European porridge or porridge add-in that she’s certain to love? Or, better yet, to eat even more porridge because of the health benefits that she didn’t even realize she was getting from eating the three bears’ porridge. The important thing to understand is that the more education you provide to your clients and customers, the more likely they are to re-engage your brand.

We grow up in a culture of learning, but recently that culture has been interrupted by the ADD nation in which we live. While the Goldilocks that we all knew and loved in our childhood had the time to sit down and manually test each chair, the Goldilocks consumer of today wants to do all her research beforehand and narrow down her choices prior to making her decision. By using inbound tactics and continually educating them with blogs and other resources, you’ll quickly gain insight into how your perfect customer ticks and begin to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads that are far more loyal to your brand.

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