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The 3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You’re Making

The 3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You’re Making

social media mistakesYou’ve been tasked to manage the social media account for the company of which you are employed.  Your boss has given you this responsibility because one time you acknowledged the mere existence of Facebook in passing and you appear to be fairly tech-savvy.  Overwhelmed, you start posting once a week to the social channels.  Nothing happens.  Your boss sees that nothing is really being accomplished and her concerns are now confirmed: social media is nothing but a fad.  Just like that, your company is off social media. This scenario is a prime example of why companies fail on social media: choosing the wrong managers, lack of engagement, and impatience.  All companies have to start at the bottom and work their way up if they want a genuinely successful social media presence, which is not a task that should be taken lightly or doled out as if it’s as simple as office supply replenishment. If you are looking to begin marketing your company, here are 3 huge social media mistakes you need to avoid in order see the growth you seek.

#1. Choosing the Wrong Manager
This is listed as number one for a reason: this person will be the voice of your company.  Should I repeat that? This person will be the voice of your company.  Obviously, that’s not something one should take lightly.  Just because Sue appears tech-savvy and posts photos of her wiener dog ad nauseam doesn’t mean she’s equipped to use social media as a marketing tool.

Most companies that have implemented social media as part of their marketing hire people who majored in English, journalism or marketing to manage their social accounts.  Are you seeing a trend here? People with any one of those backgrounds tend to know how to write well.  Journalism majors in particular (represent!) are sought out because of their attention to detail and timeliness, according to Nonprofit Tech for Good.  Sue may be great at posting those wiener dog photos, but may not be the best choice when it comes to creating the company’s voice.

#2. Lack of Engagement
Sure you have some followers, but are you speaking to them or at them? Huge difference.  You can post all day long at random just to see what sticks.  However, with no sort of plan or idea of your buyer persona’s social media habits, you run the risk of losing those followers for good.  By sharing information that your followers can actually use or asking questions that they want to answer, you are building that rapport that keeps your followers engaged.

Want to get more tips on how to engage your followers? You can find tips on Facebook engagement here and Twitter here.

#3. Impatience
Pro-golfer Jay Reynolds once said, “The golf gods don’t like impatience.” Guess what? The social media marketing gods feel the exact same way; patience is truly a virtue when it comes to building a following and establishing a relationship with them.  Instead of biting your nails while you refresh your analytics every 10 seconds, here are some steps you can take to move things along a little faster:

  • Research where your followers are
  • Research which social media sites they use
  • Find out what they are talking about and talk about it with them
  • Research what competitors are posting and where

When you become impatient with the growth of your following, it’s time to analyze not only what your followers want, but also what you can be doing better.

Social media marketing is a thing of beauty if managed properly.  Its really quite easy to avoid these social media mistakes by ensuring that the right people are in place with the tools they need to succeed, the possibilities for your business are limitless.

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