January 8, 2014 at 1:21 am

Social vs Search: Battle of Internet Marketing Titans

Social vs Search: Battle of Internet Marketing Titans

Gather round and watch the smackdown as these two titans of digital marketing wrestle for 2012 marketing budget. Explore who wins when Social Media battles Search Engine Marketing. In this marketing show down, Social vs Search, who will win?

This video is a total knockout. When matched up in the ring, a battle between the veteran- Search vs Social, the rookie, will just go round and round. Inbound is dependent on using both SEO AND Social Media to further our marketing reach. Where Social has a mean right hook, Search has a tight jab; with the two combined forces, your marketing will quickly become heavyweight champ. It is important not to relay on one or the other too heavily, but to allow these titans of marketing to work in harmony for your benefit.

Thanks MDG Advertising for such a epic visual reminder.

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