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Social Media Marketing Lessons Retailers can Take from Instagram Moms

Social Media Marketing Lessons Retailers can Take from Instagram Moms

I love consumer marketing. It’s fun and it’s personal and you often get to be a little bit more creative with your marketing. Part of the reason I love it so much is because I can identify with the personas of our consumer clients. I buy things a lot. It’s an understatement – I have a little bit of a retail addiction. It’s clothing related. I am part of many different Facebook groups specifically designed for swapping high end children’s clothes. I’m also all over Instagram shops where moms are putting their little one’s stuff up for sale. There are also a lot of shops on Instagram created by stay at home moms making a living by selling handmade children’s items. Instagram moms, no matter what they’re selling, are marketing masters. They have the art of social selling down and retail organizations, without a doubt, need to get wise to some of these tactics. What exactly can retail marketing experts learn from the mommies of instagram?

Share and share alike.
image5 copyYou’ve probably heard of guest posting. We’ve done a few blogs on it. You trade a post on your site for a post on another company’s site who has a vertical following to your own. This is a fantastic way to get your products and services out to a completely new following of people and help another business along the way. Instagram moms know this and use the tactic in order to promote their online store and help increase their reach, as well as helping out another mom in the process.

Use babies and puppies in your marketing as much as possible.
IMG_3538 copyI remember when Seth Godin gave his keynote speech at Inbound 2013. He mentioned that, whenever possible, you should use babies and puppies in your marketing, since they’re a super easy way to get attention. Instagram moms use that to appeal to their audience (other moms) and post their babies in the clothes that they’re selling, which showcases the product for sale, but also gets attention. Is it always appropriate? No. But every once in awhile it doesn’t hurt to cute up your marketing, particularly on instagram, where feeds go a mile a minute and your message gets lost very quickly.

Use hashtags.
In order to not get lost in all the noise, Instagram moms use hash tags for references and to guarantee that those looking for the brands that they have available will find them. Hash tags help you target your marketing and make it so that even old posts can get traction. It’s the perfect way to hone in on your persona.

Utilize individuals.
image2 copyIf you’re new to the Instagram scene, it takes awhile to gain notoriety and it can be a lot of work getting new followers. Larger accounts that have been there for a very long time and have a lot of followers know how difficult it is and sometimes can be convinced to “brand rep” for you. Instagram moms offer free products and conduct “brand rep” searches for adorable babies and moms that take fantastic photos of them. This allows you to earn yourself a photographer, graphic designer and model all in one and the only price you pay is giving a free product away. There are accounts specifically set up for this, but if you encounter an account that you’re interested in – feel free to reach out to them directly. A lot of people don’t even realize they could benefit from their massive social media following.

Do giveaways.
image4 copyAnother fantastic way to promote your products that doesn’t cost a lot? Do a giveaway. The best giveaways are collaborative and involve brands working together and giving away a package of prizes. Rules vary widely, but generally include using a contest hashtag to enter and following all the brands involved. Instagrammers are happy to do this, because it requires such a small amount of work for the chance to win products they love. Just make sure you make the giveaway very simple or make the prize compelling enough to warrant additional steps (like following on other social media channels or subscribing to an e-mail list). You want to be careful not to make entering a giveaway difficult.

image3 copyPromote your sales.
Yes, you want to post memes and quotes and photos of your company – people like personal marketing that they can relate to. But don’t forget to promote your own sales. Some Instagram moms actually promote their sale posts and have people lined up ready to buy their products.

Put up a feedback post.
If someone is going to buy your product on Instagram (yes, it is possible to sell your products on Instagram) or on your website, they want to know that what they’re buying is going to be a smooth transaction. If your customers post feedback attesting to your reputation, speedy shipping, customer service, or products – your prospects will take note, and it could be what pushes them to make the purchase.

As a business, entering a new social media platform can seem a little confusing, consuming or just downright frustrating. If you feel like you’re talking to no one on Instagram and want to expand your following – utilize some of these great tips. And if your ideal client is the Mommy market – make sure that you jump on Instagram.

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