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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Ups the Ante with Audience Insights Tool

Social Media Marketing: Facebook Ups the Ante with Audience Insights Tool

FacebookKnowing your business’ buyer persona is a huge part of a great inbound marketing campaign and delivering the right message with social media marketing can be harrowing if you don’t know much about what your buyer persona wants to see.  While the organic reach of Facebook Business Page posts continues to dwindle, the social network is attempting to give the small to medium-sized businesses the key to the kingdom.

Just last week Facebook launched Audience Insights, a brand new, shiny tool that will help marketers delve deeper into the beautiful people of Facebook and provide more leverage when it comes to advertising and following trends.  This tool is going to make many, many marketers happy as it widens the range of information and its potential for customization.

How does this tool work and what is it telling me?
If you’ve spent any time working on your business’ social media marketing, then it’s likely you’ve spent some time in the Ads Manager. The Audience Insights is located within the Ads Manager and has an organized, easy-to-read design making it easy for marketing novices and pro’s alike.  Here’s the information you can find inside the tool:

Facebook Audience insights

1)     Demographics – Age, gender, lifestyle, education level, relationship status, job role and size of household

2)     Location and Language – Where people live and what languages they speak

3)     Page Likes – The top Pages people like in different categories

4)     Facebook Usage – How often people in your target audience are logging on to Facebook and what device they are using to log on

5)     Purchasing Activity – Past purchase behavior and purchase methods

That is an incredible wealth of knowledge! But what if you want to know more about ALL the people of Facebook? Well, there are three groups of people you can research:

1)     People on Facebook – The general audience you will find as a whole

2)     People Connected to Your Page or Event

3)     A Customized Audience – This audience is made up of your own customers

How is it different from Page Insights?
I’ll let Facebook explain:  “Audience Insights is different from Page Insights because it looks at trends about your current or potential customers across Facebook, whereas Page Insights looks at the interactions with your Page (i.e., likes, comments and shares).”  Worried about the privacy of your followers? Don’t be.

“We built Audience Insights with privacy in mind. It surfaces aggregated information people already express on Facebook, along with information from trusted third-party partners — like Acxiom — through our partner categories targeting. Like Page Insights, Audience Insights shows information about groups of people without the need to share which individual people are in those groups. This allows marketers to view aggregate and anonymous insights while keeping people’s personal information private.”

It appears that Facebook created this tool to help the marketers of small to medium-sized businesses in an effort to get them to stick around.  After all, businesses and brands are considering jumping ship; between decreasing organic reach rates and an inevitability of utilizing paid ads to reach followers, some folks just don’t want to have to pay to reach their customers.

In addition, Facebook is looking to keep smaller businesses in their favor; this summer, they are launching an advertising boot camp just for small advertisers, stopping in five major U.S. cities for their event called Facebook Fit.  Open your arms wide, small business owners.  Facebook wants in.

How will this tool help me?
If you’ve been wanting to get more intel on your current audience or Facebook as a whole, this should be like Christmas for you.  With all of the different factors it presents, it’s apparent that Facebook is seeking to help its smaller businesses make more money by opening them up to a wealth of information that they might not have previously had.  The Audience Insights tool will also help you craft your messages and ads to a particular persona within your following.  That’s pretty powerful stuff!

The new Audience Insights tool really does give marketers a breadth and depth of information they may not have known before about their business’ followers.  Anything that makes creating outstanding content for your followers that much easier is a winner.

What are your thoughts on the Audience Insights tool?

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