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Twitter for Business: Simple (and Free) Ways to Grow Your Following

Twitter for Business: Simple (and Free) Ways to Grow Your Following

grow your twitter followingIf you’ve read our guide: Using Twitter to Attract Customers, it may have inspired you to create an account for your business. You may have tracked down some industry leaders to follow and worked to grow your following. But if you’re still not seeing the growth you want, it can be frustrating. It’s important to build a quality following and to find the right people to follow, but it can seem like no one is appreciating the content you are sharing if you have no followers. If you feel like giving up on Twitter for business, don’t.

It takes time to grow a quality following that will come back to you time-and-time again.  Let these stats do the convincing.

  • 70% of small businesses are on Twitter. (via MediaBistro)
  • 51% of active users follow brands or companies. (via Edison)
  • And finally, Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow a brand than Facebook users. (via Convince and Convert)

If those stats don’t cheer you up, maybe you need something more actionable that you can implement today.  If you’re looking to grow your Twitter following, here are some very simple and free ways to do so.

Thank Those Followers
I have read in other social media blogs that it’s unnecessary to clog up the Twitter feeds by thanking new followers, but being a southern woman and raised to be polite, I cannot imagine not extending this simple kindness to a new follower.  It makes them feel noticed, valued and like they are in the right place.  And it never hurts to be nice.

Follow Fridays
Follow Friday is a time to give back to all of those folks you follow that share outstanding content. Introduce a company or individual you love following or just give a shout out to your loyal customers.  Most importantly, Follow Friday is a way to get your name out there.  Follow Friday (#FF) works by creating a post with @mentions of the users you wish to include and then adding any of the #FF hashtags.  Your tweet will appear in the feeds of anyone you @mentioned.  It’s also a pay-it-forward type of thing; when someone @mentions you, you should mention them in return.

Tweet Often
Show that you are an active participant in the world of Twitter by engaging several times every day.  People are more likely to follow an active account than a quiet one.  If you are too busy to sit and engage on Twitter all day (most people are), use a tool that allows you to schedule your tweets.  I use TweetDeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts and I love it.

Ask for Feedback
Want to know what your customers think about a new product? Want to know what your followers are into? What time they go to bed? What books they’re reading? Where they get spray tans? Ask them! People love to be heard.

Be Transparent
One thing that inbound marketing is all about is being transparent with your customers and other industry professionals. Share your industry with others in a meaningful way.  Let your followers know what’s going on behind the scenes.  Let them in on an inside joke.  Share a time-saving tool you found with other industry professionals.  Transparency leads to trust.  When people trust you, they recommend you.

Growing a Twitter following for your business can seem overwhelming at first, but there are small steps you can take to get the quality following you seek. Engaging with people and companies is the number one way to see steady growth.  Now that’s actionable!

Haven’t started a Twitter account for your business yet?

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