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Shorten your Sales Cycle with Marketing Automation

Shorten your Sales Cycle with Marketing Automation

I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.

-John D. Rockefeller

shorten sales cycleOne of the biggest complaints your executive team has with your sales team is the length of time that is required to take a lead from warm to close. When a salesperson is tracking a lead and following up according to your sales process– these steps take time and thought. You get it, but try explaining that to your executives. While a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a great way to keep close track of where your prospects are in the sales process, follow up emails can take a long time to individually craft (that is, if your rep remembers to create and send them all for each and every prospect that comes through). If you’ve set a goal to decrease your cost per lead, there are several steps you can take to streamline aspects of your sales process with automation, workflows, and lead nurturing tools. Specifically we’re talking about eliminating certain manual, time-consuming emails from the sales process to shorten your sales cycle.

The Lost Lead Email
So bittersweet. The lead your salesperson has been working on for quite awhile finally gave you the thumbs down. While we aren’t fans of losing quality leads, it happens. Marketing automation is perfectly suited to step in here and save time in crafting the, “Sorry, it didn’t work out” email. If you have a marketing automation tool like Hubspot, you can easily eliminate this step by assigning a lifecycle stage to your lead. By assigning lifecycles (closed or lost customer) you can easily trigger workflows like a “lost lead email,” which will then send out an email the moment the lifecycle stage is changed to “closed/lost” that would typically have to be manually created by your sales rep. This allows your sales rep to continue working on warm leads and sets you up for sending other types of emails that can encourage re-engagement.

The Follow-up
Re-engaging a lost lead can be an awkward process. You don’t want to be a pain by spamming them with information on why they should have chosen you. Your salesperson knows how qualified they are, but they may just not be ready to pull the trigger on your services. However, if you have a library of great content that educates your prospects, Follow-up emails are a great way to re-engage a cold or lost lead. Once you set the lifecycle stage in Hubspot, you can easily set up automated check-in emails to trigger on a timed basis. This completely eliminates the need for your salesperson to follow up until your lost lead reconverts based on the automated emails you have sent him or her through your automation and workflow tools.

The Upsell
While your current customers obviously love your brand, products and services, odds are not every customer you have is taking full advantage of your services. But who has the time to manually reach out to them about every new feature, product or service upgrade? Using the same lifecycle stage feature or by creating a smart list in Hubspot that automatically populates based on form fields, you can schedule out emails to current customers that assist in upselling their current services by educating them on some of the value in new features or services packages.

Marketing automation, workflows and dynamically updating smart lists are the perfect way to supplement the efforts of your sales team and in order to make selling easier. Easier sales mean more sales. Features like this allow your sales staff to focus on nurturing new business and closing sales rather than drafting dozens of the same emails to every single prospect, lead or customer. The result? More efficiency in your sales process and a lower cost per lead!

The sales process is complicated enough.

Isn’t it time to simplify the lives of your sales team?
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