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S2 Ep24: Tinder, upset customers and weleakinfo takedown Naked Security Podcast

S2 Ep24: Tinder, upset customers and weleakinfo takedown Naked Security Podcast

Host Anna Brading are signed up with by Sophos professionals level Stockley, Greg Iddon and producer Alice Duckett.

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7 comments on S2 Ep24: Tinder, furious subscribers and weleakinfo takedown Naked Security Podcast

Unable to come across a d/l connect. ,Can you go back to publishing an mp3 downloadable link?

Noted, many thanks. You can install it straight from right here:

If you can understand player widget because of the seem waves in it (many people cant because of such things as comfort Badger) then there is a download hyperlink inside it’s the small down-arrow at centre-right.

We did not view it for a long time until my mouse paused on it eventually by chance and also the phrase Download came out, triggering me to say, Oh. 🙂

Attempted to disabling confidentiality Badger, no differences. I Became finally capable pay attention when I switched off Facebook Container. Does your site have a deal with Twitter?

Mr. Ducklins I didn’t see it for a long time until my mouse paused over it someday is named puzzle animal meat routing for apparent grounds. Web *cough* designers *cough* : PREVENT that!

Exactly why are these Podcasts getting more much longer with irrelevant ramblings by the presenters, we tune in for security problems and it’s really now getting a bore !

In the olden weeks (the Chet speak era) we taped and scrupulously modified along the podcast to get fifteen to twenty moments very long every time. That has been the style we picked. A lot of people appreciated that as it designed for efficient listening, but we performed have actually some commentary over time from audience just who requested all of us to make it lengthier and considerably more conversational, so they really could tune in to it on their drive. By doing this they are able to have general focus even when they couldnt focus on they fully considering things like train notices, individuals obtaining off and on, different peoples bus talks, and so on.

In S2 we experimented with upping they to about an hour; individuals said they preferred the lengthier formatting yet not the full hr, thus weve kind of established right back on about 45 mins hences where we have been now.

Generally there try some you can kindly some of the people usually but not all the men and women continuously

Having said that, we have been thinking of starting another selection of single-issue podcasts, like outdated Techknow symptoms, where in fact the content material may well be more focused additionally the length smaller, therefore dont give-up as of this time you might quickly see podcasts that match your listening welfare quite best!

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Grosjean experienced only second-degree burns off to their hands and ended up being taken up hospital for a check-up. Their auto had speared through material obstacles, which they are created to lessen, but their mind had been protected of the halo cockpit safety unit produced mandatory from the FIA in 2018.

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