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Refine Your Sales Strategy: Old School vs New School Sales

Refine Your Sales Strategy: Old School vs New School Sales

old school marketing vs newYou’ve spent thousands of dollars on training seminars to learn how to effectively manage your sales team, to increase your lead to customer conversion rate, to learn the best practices in prospecting – and your sales team still has trouble getting really good leads. You’re inclined to believe it may be your marketing, so you’ve begun to focus on some outbound strategies. But when it comes to cold calling and prospecting – your sales team isn’t exactly motivated. In fact, you believe that all the door knocking they’re doing is really frustrating them. The million-dollar question? How to refine your sales strategy with tactics that will get in new leads to increase your conversion rate all with everyone getting along.

The truth about Outbound Efforts.
Cold calling, door knocking, networking events, list buying. While you may be considering revisiting some of these efforts, it’s time you know the truth. The response rates for mailers and cold calling are meager at best. Mailers to cold lists have a 1-2% response rate and 46% of people never open direct mail. Not to mention the increased frustration that comes from your team members dealing with gatekeepers and spinning their wheels just to get a meeting with an executive or customer who isn’t ready to buy yet.

Marketing vs Sales.
In fact, the truth of the matter is that any efforts to bring in leads should be executed by the marketing team. When salespeople spend the majority of their time dealing with cold leads, it drives the cost per lead up significantly. The time has come to finally hold both marketing and sales accountable so that they work as one. Integrating a measurable marketing analytics software with a Customer Relationship Management tool allows you to measure the number of leads that come in and the conversion percentage of those leads on behalf of the sales team.

old school marketing vs newCreate a Team Environment
Rather than creating an adversarial environment between the marketing team and your sales team, working together to generate content, target the right buyers and discover which leads are converting into customers will allow sales and marketing to work seamlessly with one another. A game of blame can quickly transform into teamwork as your sales team discovers that they have the power to refine the marketing process to their liking. The result is a harmonious relationship between sales and marketing, higher quality leads, and more customers.

It’s not easy to make a change. Doing the same thing that your marketing or sales team has been doing forever is easy. But refining the process and evolving how your company markets could completely revolutionize your company. Growth is not achieved by complacency, but strategy, teamwork and planning. Creating a team mentality between your sales team and the marketing team is the key to growth in your sales funnel.

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