April 26, 2013 at 8:16 am

Want More Nation – Publishing information on your website.

Want More Nation – Publishing information on your website.

My favorite commercials as of late are the AT&T “it’s not complicated” commercials. Children have a way of communicating that is very naturally full of logic. One of these commercials features a little girl describing how frustrating it is when you “want more, but there isn’t any more, but you just want more.” It got me thinking (as most things do) about Inbound Marketing and how business owners struggle sometimes to release information onto their website. I often hear that pricing or product details or solving customer issues is something they want their sales reps to be able to address. But when it comes to the fine line between Sales and Marketing and weighing that with the “want more” culture that exists today, not offering complete information could be the nail in the coffin that drives your buyer prospect to your competition.

How do you balance publishing information on your website?

Adopt a “more” education mantra.
I can’t tell you how important it is to want to educate your prospects. While you may be of the opinion that it is the job of a salesperson to educate, the truth is your sales cycle can be shortened by automating some of that education with marketing and publishing information on your website. The more you act like an educator, the more your buyer is going to see you as a credible source and see your salesperson as even more of a trustworthy source of information. Establishing this relationship before the initial contact occurs makes that first reach feel more like a friendly call to check in and assist rather than a call from someone who wants to sell them something.

Hide “more” behind forms.
Your insight is valuable. That’s why you want to strike a great balance between offering excellent information and still getting leads on your site. Forms are the only way to do that. It’s important to publish case studies, ebooks and other collateral information using landing pages and forms to capture information.

Don’t stop there. Give them “more”.
Establishing nurturing emails provides opportunities to offer even more information to your webleads. Targeting your emails by industry or interest will mean you’re giving your prospects just the right kind of “more”.

Still thinking that your trade secrets belong offline? Think again. Take the time to offer your buyer prospects the information they’re looking for and shorten your sales cycle by further qualifying your buyers before you reach out. Because kids are right. Whether they’re talking about phone service or something else: More is better.

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