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Proactive Marketing: The Cure for the Common Marketing Lull

Proactive Marketing: The Cure for the Common Marketing Lull

proactive marketingI’m sick. Again. For the THIRD time in a little more than a month. I’ve come to realize there may be something wrong. As I take inventory of the past month, I realize I haven’t done anything to support my immune system. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition are the biggest culprits. It’s kinda like your pipeline. No offense. Typically when sales are down it’s a result of a lack of proactive marketing. My nose is stopped up, my head is throbbing and fuzzy, and my chest is tight. I don’t need to be hooked up to any machine to know something is wrong, but medical technology can sure help to diagnose the problem and get me back on the path to health. Have you checked your analytics recently? The same is true with running the numbers in your analytics and marketing automation software.  If you’re experiencing some of the symptoms of poor marketing (lackluster leads, decreased sales, barren pipelines) then it may be time to utilize marketing technology and go over the metrics to assess your problem.

Bad Traffic
Whether you are experiencing low traffic or just aren’t drawing the right visitors to your site or business, bad traffic is a symptom of unfocused marketing.  While there isn’t a cure for my common cold, the cure for bad traffic is targeted, well-thought-out marketing. The tools in marketing automation software enable you to make targeted offers that take into account each customer’s preferences and needs. E-mailing special offers, posting on social media and blogging are great ways to re-engage existing leads with your website and increase your traffic. Whether you’re offering a special discount on an existing product that a customer buys frequently or an introductory discount on a new product that matches the customer’s buying patterns, personalized, targeted marketing increases the chances of a sale by promoting pages on your website. Everything from your keywords and blog topics to when and where you’re engaging on social media to the design and even the colors of your website can be tailored to re-engage your prospects. Without campaigns pushing traffic back to your site, you cannot expect your traffic or sales to grow.

Low Click thru Rate
The best medicine for low click-through-rate (CTR) in your e-mails is smarter e-mail marketing. A good dose of email personalization goes beyond customizing the first sentence with the recipient’s name, and will go a long way to improving your click-through-rate. In June of this year, Hubspot did some experimenting with persona-based email segmentation. The results were remarkable- targeting emails by persona increases email click-through-rates 16%. Marketing automation software makes managing segmented lists and personalizing email content to specific personas a breeze. Personalization will increase click-through-rate because the content is better suited for the recipient. Sending your subscribers only content that caters to their interests will encourage those clicks we marketers so covet. A CRM tool continues to improve CTR by tracking the entire campaign and allowing for further customization according to the results of your email campaign.

Un-engaged Leads
You will need more than even the all-powerful buyer persona to efficiently revive your lifeless leads. 50% of leads are qualified, but not ready to buy. If you are not taking the time to nurture, you are simply burning money. Following up on existing leads can be time consuming. That’s where a marketing automation tool comes in to play. By creating segmented lists and establishing milestone e-mails associated with actions like e-mail click-thrus, ebook downloads and website visits, you can easily create customized workflows targeted specifically to each contact. For example, if a contact has downloaded an ebook on your website, but hasn’t taken the next step and requested more information, consider crafting an e-mail that delivers a related, but different resource that would further qualify your lead and move them down the funnel and closer to buying. Inject life into your leads and be sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

As far as my cold goes, I know I’ll be limiting the unhealthy foods and getting my rest so I can get well and stay that way. You should do the same. It’s easy to wallow in your despair and avoid marketing altogether, but being proactive is an entirely different thing. Diagnose your marketing illness with analytics and then use marketing automation software to cure your ailing pipeline for good.

Stay well, Inbounders, both in body and in marketing.

Are your sales numbers a little green in the face? Its time for a marketing check-up!

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