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Pin This: 4 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your Business

Pin This: 4 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your Business

You use Facebook on a daily basis to connect with your fans and Twitter to stay up on industry news and trends.  You even log in to LinkedIn from time-to-time to keep your professional connections in the know of what is happening in your professional world.  These are some very major social media stopping points to hit – good for you! But there’s one you may be leaving out: Pinterest.

If you haven’t checked the site out, Pinterest is a virtual pin board where its users can cultivate and “pin” images or videos to share with their followers.  For example, I love photography and often search for and pin photos that I think are incredible.  And the ones I pin are usually black and white.  It’s my thing.

So, what does Pinterest have to offer businesses in the way of marketing? Plenty! Here are 4 ways Pinterest can boost your marketing initiatives and create more revenue for your business.


Pinterest can boost your bushiness Increased Referral Traffic
Many businesses skip over Pinterest for fear that it won’t draw any new business or generate any leads when, in fact, the opposite is true.  According to Hubspot, early research indicated that Pinterest is more effective at driving site traffic than other social media sites.  Even more than Facebook!  This means that Pinterest could be a very beneficial marketing tool for businesses that heavily rely on site traffic for sales.  In addition, there were 70 million users globally as of July 2013 according to a study done by Semiocast.

More Sharing
Another great feature about Pinterest is that you can link your account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  This is a great way to share what you are pinning and lets your fans on the other sites know that they can follow you there, too! If you are cultivating or creating great content, your fans will want to follow your boards on Pinterest.  This is also a good opportunity to cross-promote products.

Increase In Sales
Pinterest is a great place to help increase your sales.  This is a two-parter:
1) By sharing compelling content in addition to your products, your followers will come to see you as an expert in your industry.  They trust you and will be more likely to purchase your goods or services.
2) Say you create a pin with an image of one of your products.  You can also include a link to your site or a link that takes them directly to the item.  It’s appealing to purchase when it’s made as easy as possible.

Better Leads
As I mentioned in the beginning, Pinterest is used to cultivate and share ideas.  This includes what people would like to buy.  In study done by BizRate Insights, 70 percent of all Pinterest users turn to the social site to get shopping inspiration.  You can’t get a better lead than someone who is looking to shop.  Though a user might not purchase something they pinned right away, the item they pinned is saved on the board until it is deleted.  This increases the opportunity for an item to be purchased at a later date.

Pinterest is continually growing and is quickly out-pacing the social media heavy hitters as a more viable place to market to your customers.  On top of increased traffic to your site, an expanded cross-promotional social sharing system and increased sales, you stand to get more of the high quality leads you’ve been looking for all along.

Has Pinterest helped your business? Let us know how you made the social pin board work for you.

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