April 24, 2014 at 2:17 pm

New Hubspot Social Inbox Features You’ll Love!

New Hubspot Social Inbox Features You’ll Love!

Here at What She Said Marketing Solutions, we love us some Hubspot.  If you’ve never heard that word in your life, you might be a little confused.  Hubspot is an all-in-one inbound marketing software platform that allows marketers and businesses to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. When they added Social Inbox, we were even more thrilled.

Social media plays a large role when it comes to attracting customers to a business; posts to social media are the mouthpiece of a company.  It’s that voice that attracts potential customers in the first place to the top of the inbound marketing funnel.

Hubspot’s Social Inbox allows you to connect with potential customers and then track them from first visit down to the bottom of the funnel.  And the tool is just getting better and better! Here are some new Social Inbox features that will help you reach and attract even more of those potential customers.


Social media moves at warp speed and it is next to impossible to be at your desk all the time posting away on Twitter.  One of the newer features is scheduled messages, which allows you to schedule posts in bulk and post them at an optimized time for your audience.  Just remember: use your powers wisely! No one likes social media spam, so do your best to mix it up and post fresh content whenever possible.

Just last month, Hubspot updated the Social Inbox so that Twitter searches are done within the platform.  Prior to this update, it was necessary to visit Twitter to perform a search.  Now you can find new followers right inside the Social Inbox! Some other perks: users can turn a keyword search into a Social Inbox stream and set up notifications for new tweets from that stream; you can immediately follow relevant contacts from that search; reply, retweet and favorite tweets right from your search results.

If you do marketing for a business to business company, LinkedIn is a must for connecting with professionals from any industry.  You can post not only to your LinkedIn account, but also to any of your group pages.  A newer feature that was rolled out is the ability to give your content titles.  This enables you to display more enticing titles to draw the audience in.

Chrome Hubspot Extension
Looking to save time cultivating great content? Add the Chrome Extension and you’re able to share content while you’re browsing.  You are able to post directly to Twitter or LinkedIn from the extension.  You can even schedule it from the dialogue box.  This feature is so handy when you come across dynamic content online.

Published Messages
Need to update your manager or CEO on the performance of your social media strategy? Hubspot makes that easy.  You can export “all of your published messages and their analytics, like clicks and engagement metrics,” to an Excel spreadsheet.  Hubspot prepares the document and then sends it directly to your email.

Hubspot helps marketers to track a lead from top-to-bottom and, with these updated features for the Social Inbox, it is making the job even easier to find and engage with quality leads.  Have Hubspot, but haven’t touched the Social Inbox? Learn more about getting started now!


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