September 5, 2013 at 11:29 am

Facebook Contests Now a Breeze: New Policy Breakdown

Facebook Contests Now a Breeze: New Policy Breakdown

FB likeFacebook is one of the greatest marketing tools available to businesses today; the social networking site allows you to engage and build relationships with your ideal customers, provide insanely quick feedback to those customer’s questions, and it reaches a large audience when your followers share your content.  And the ROI is off the charts since Facebook is basically free. And now the social media giant, has made it easier than ever to promote your business’ products with the new Facebook contest policy.

The Promotions Policy for the social media company got a facelift Tuesday, which now allows businesses to administer contests directly from their Page timeline.

Can I get a heck yeah from all of you social media marketers and business owners out there? Heck yeah! If you have attempted to run a contest on Facebook in the last few years, then this news should have you pumped.

With the new policy in place, any size business can run a contest directly on their page timeline and it’s as simple as letting your followers know how to enter and the rules (see a great example below from viva veltoro blog).  To start your first contest, use one of these options from the new Facebook contest policy:

  • Collect entries by asking users to post on the page, like a post, or message the page
  • They can also use likes as a voting mechanism

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If you weren’t aware how promotions worked on the olden times version of Facebook (the one you used Monday – they change that quickly), the policy only allowed businesses to run promotions through an app, which then connected you to a third-party vendor in order to set the promotion up.  Phew! That’s a lot of steps.  For those of you comfortable with this method, it is still available.

Facebook is hoping that this update will generate more giveaways and get businesses of all sizes involved. However, in order to maintain the legitimacy of the content on Facebook and keep businesses from getting too aggressive, they updated the Page Terms to prohibit Page administrators from tagging or encouraging users to tag photos that do not depict the user in exchange for an entry.  Here’s what they said about this on their news page:

It’s OK to ask people to submit names of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize. It’s not OK to ask people tag themselves in pictures of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize.”

This update is a greatly beneficial to businesses on the small to medium side; contests can be created as simply as posting a photo and telling your followers how to enter.  Done.  No more dealing with apps and developers for a simple contest.  And just like any other content on your page, your promotion posts will show up in the news feed of anyone who likes or comments on your post giving you added visibility.

In a nutshell, posting promotions directly to your Facebook business Page can increase visibility, is created with ease, it is great for increased engagement and there is no cost outside the cost of the prize itself.

You can read more about the policy update in the Facebook Promotions Guideline or follow the Facebook for Business Page for updates on everything you need to know to help you run your business Page.

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