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My Light Bulb Moment: What Makes “Remarkable Content” Remarkable?

My Light Bulb Moment: What Makes “Remarkable Content” Remarkable?

My journey in inbound marketing started unofficially just a few years ago. I started out helping small business establish an online presence. This involved creating and maintaining profiles and pages on social media platforms, creating blogs, and location profiles to help them get found. I didn’t create any content for them, just generated the presence. I didn’t realize back then that having a presence was not nearly enough. That presence needs to offer something to the world. Not just products or services, but legitimate solutions. Once I got into creating content I started by turning out blog posts and shared stats and suggestions on social media like a crazy person. I got burned out on this pretty quickly. I mean fast. I felt like I was just regurgitating info that was already all over the web. It was depressing. I ran a cross Seth Godins’s concept of “remarkable content”.  It was still just words to me. Even when I started at What She Said, I started training with Hubspot, completed one certification and started working on the second before I had my content epiphany.

My Light Bulb Moment
remarkable contentI was out in the world (World Wide Web, that is) reading my favorite marketing blogs. I had a long weekend all to myself (rare occasion with two kids) and set out to improve my marketing know-how. I read probably 50 articles that weekend. I

Sure, having unique content like large-scale surveys or proprietary market research will set you apart. Most of the topics out there aren’t all that new or innovative. It should be your #1 goal to create new and pave the way in your industry. But let’s face it, most days the only way a brand can stand out is to present content in a fresh and exciting fashion. Making content relatable and interesting is the best way to draw a following to your content and ultimately your brand.

Who’s Doing it Right?
Back in February of 2012 the public blog count was a whopping 181 million! That’s a ton of content, but we all know only a small portion of that is really worth reading. Most are people venting or trying too hard or just rambling about themselves—not exactly remarkable.  Mommy blogs are a great example of this remarkable vs. ordinary content discussion. 1 in 3 bloggers are moms and as moms we (yep, me too) face very similar situations in raising children and living life as moms. Mashable estimates about 3.9 million moms in the United States are identified as bloggers, but just 500 of them are considered to be influential among other mothers. Why is that only 7.8% are worth reading if all mommies blog about similar things? Simple, some people just produce better content. Some are a riot and make light of all the crazy things that happen when excessive time is spent with children. Some are serious, but give sound, deep-rooted advice for the problems we all face. Some give stuff away, lots of good stuff. They are blogging the same topics with similar themes, but their spin and presentation draw people in and have them coming back for more. The wit, transparency, style, and honesty in their content- all attribute to making a mommy blogger into online icon.

So, How Do You Make Content Remarkable?
Create personas for your brand to better target your content. Offer a unique- or even controversial- perspective. Do some research, share data. Use different mediums like infographics, videos, or step-by-step tutorials.  Stay in the now; produce timely content that relates to current events. Make it easy to understand and quality. This is a big one: thought-provoking. Generate a conversation around your topic. Set the Web a-buzz.

Keep in mind, just the top 3 blogging sites alone, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr, account for 80 million unique visitors on any given month, that’s 1 in 4 active online users in the US. The readers are out there, ready. Give them something remarkable to read.

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