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My husband is very busy in his practice, so he told Joel (our loan representative) Just talk to my wife

My husband is very busy in his practice, so he told Joel (our loan representative) Just talk to my wife

I have nothing but good things to say about David and his team. They were good communicators throughout the process, and provided me with answers to my many questions as a first time home buyer. As a medical student, it was hard for me to take time off of work for phone calls etc. during the day, which I was concerned about. David and his team were very flexible about this, and the majority of the process was done via email, and online document signing. Very efficient. Very professional. I also very much liked the financial info David sent me, very informative and easy to read for someone who doesn’t have a finance background. Thank you for everything. Dr. Daniel Johnson and Family, University of Texas Health Science, Resident Physician

I would highly recommend the Physician Group. They understood the unique needs of our family so well. They were even able to grant us a loan in the midst of a job change. Joel helped me understand every step of the process. When the sellers got nervous that we were using an out of state lender, Joel worked with our agent and the seller’s agent to make sure they were comfortable with the process. He was truly committed to getting the loan process to work for us. We received emails on a Sunday on a holiday weekend. There were checks and balances all through the process to make sure we stayed on track for our closing. They were so efficient all the necessary paperwork for closing was in 1 week early. Not only was Joel easy to work with but so was Ashley. When working with her I was so at ease, and I really felt like I was emailing a friend. In the end that is what I would tell my friends… When dealing with you, I didn’t deal with agents, I dealt with friends. People that wanted the best for me and understood me. People that I trusted completely, and people who at the end of the process weren’t our agents, but our friends. Dr. Matthew Kapalis and Molly Kapalis, Doctor of Osteopathy, CHi Health Clinic

We appreciate your hard work in making this loan go through

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We are so grateful you helped us make our home owning dreams a reality! My husband is a newly graduated veterinarian and I am an occupational therapist. We were fed up and frustrated after many months trying to work with other companies to find out we could not be approved due to a limited employment record and high student student loan debt. However, your team understood our situation and was willing to work with us even though our situation didn’t fit the norms. We were ecstatic when we closed on our house, never thinking this day would actually come! We still get little butterflies as we pull into our new home at the end of the day and can’t wait for the future memories to come in what will be our family home thanks to you! Rebecca and Ross Henderson, BVM&S, MRCVS, Veterinarian, Fox Hollow Animal Hospital

And from that point on Joel and I were able to take care of everything in the loan process without bothering my husband (besides a few signatures)

Our experience was not entirely seamless in getting into our house. There were a few bumps along the way but when you’re moving across two states, finishing residency and studying for national board certification I guess that’s to be expected. Despite the minor setbacks though we were able to close on our perfect house on our specific closing date. The staff was helpful and got the job done when things needed to happen. Jarin Leavitt, M.D., Tanner Clinic, Layton UT

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