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Masterful Marketing Concepts: Disney-ify your Web User Experience 

Masterful Marketing Concepts: Disney-ify your Web User Experience 

disney-1024x576This past weekend we took our son on his second Disney trip at only 18 months old, and for me, Disney is a magical place. For others, not so much (hence articles like this recent HuffPost article about why a mom refuses to take her kids to Disney).  I can tell it’s the same for him. Upon walking in the gates, the kid that can’t sit still for three seconds becomes wide-eyed; he looks all around, pointing at everything he sees and raving (for my son even the birds are more interesting at Disney). There is truly nothing like Disney. As an entrepreneur and marketer, you have to appreciate Disney for what it is: a company that has amassed a cult-like following of an ageless audience and endless demographics who keep paying a premium to return to their parks over and over to do the exact same things. Disney is an empire, and looking at their marketing, it’s no wonder. If you want to cultivate the type of loyalty that Disney has created in your marketing and on your website, just look at the way they do things.

A comprehensive experience from start to finish.

From the moment you drive through the archways, something changes. Every single environment that you enter is masterfully mapped and executed. From music to characters to paint color and even smells – Disney leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to their environments and neither should you. From graphics, colors, white space, calls to action and content – you have to make sure that your content and website considers every angle and caters to the experience of the user rather than what your executives or marketing team might like to see on the website.

Make things as simple and accessible as possible.

One of the most recent innovations that is pretty mind-blowing when you’re talking about user friendly design is Disney’s Magic Band. The Magic Band is your hotel key, your method of payment, your ticket, your FastPass, your photo card… it’s everything. The innovation makes it so that spending money is literally a flip of the wrist. Can you say the same? Making sure that everything can be easily found on your website is crucial to the user experience and the conversion process.

Personalize the experience.

One of the most exciting things about Disney is the “magic” behind everything. You’re constantly celebrating or experiencing something magical. Disney offers pins that tell Cast Members what you’re celebrating – a birthday, an anniversary, whatever the occasion, from the moment you put on the button, you’re inundated with “Happy Anniversary!” comments from every cast member you pass. By using smart calls to action and smart content, you can make sure that you tailor your content and site to your prospect’s interests resulting in complete engagement at every level. Just like Disney.

Photo Credit: DestinationsinFlorida.com

Photo Credit: DestinationsinFlorida.com

Nurture your prospect.

Disney makes sure that all their bases are covered in the way of giving the people what they want and that doesn’t stop when they walk out of the gates. Disney makes sure that you’re remembered by sending your photos, special promotions and newsletters directly to your inbox by gathering intel on your interests and gearing their marketing to those interests.

Most often, marketing is about giving the people what they want. Love it or hate it, Disney has mastered the art of marketing and catering to their user. They capitalize on opportunities, create the perfect environment, and foster fanatical behavior by going above and beyond. In order to gain the same loyalty with your prospects, make sure that you create an experience that is focused around them when it comes to your website and content offerings. Make sure that your marketing has the ability to analyze behavior and target content based on that behavior and take the time to gear all of your website content around those efforts. With just a few tweaks in your process, you’ll be marketing like Disney in no time.

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