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Marketing Tactics to Avoid: Cheap Content Outsourcing

Marketing Tactics to Avoid: Cheap Content Outsourcing

187674287Since this business has been around, I’ve been a huge advocate of truly original, thoughtful content written by an educated writer. As someone who is involved in their business every single day, it can be difficult for you to understand how someone can write intelligently for your business. Think about it – hiring a firm means that someone completely outside your business, who doesn’t interact with your customers on a daily basis and knows comparably little about the intricacies of how your business is run is going to be writing your blogs. That’s a lot for many business owners to swallow. Some suggest that outsourcing content to a content marketplace might be the best solution for getting a good volume of content posted on your blog. But as we’ve discussed in the past, quality trumps quantity. Paying $15/article for 10 crappy articles that never get noticed by anyone vs paying $150 for one article that’s original, thoughtful and gets tons of linkbacks and shares can pay for itself very easily. That all said – why are some companies and even some agencies still using cheap content outsourcing? The simplest answer is: it gets the job done. But does it? Here are a few reasons that you need to eliminate any sort of cheap content creation you have going and only hire writers and firms who have fabulous writers on staff. Where To Buy DNP Bodybuilding

Article “Spinning”

For a very long time, a “viable tactic” in the world of “SEO” was to take original articles and put them in a little app that spun the words around so that search engines couldn’t see that you jacked the content and it would appear as “original” content, keyword optimized to help you rank better, or posted somewhere else to achieve an inbound link. Long ago Google caught on this tactic, but some companies are still using it. They’ll paraphrase an article, change a few paragraphs around, write a nice little intro and conclusion and call it a great blog! Content is content, right? No. No. No. No. Did I say it enough? What’s the point in having a blog for your audience if you’re just posting a bunch of crap they can find anywhere else? I get a little passionate about it. It’s not that every single blog you write has to be an award winning masterpiece that’s going to get picked up by a major news source, but still – you have to (HAVE TO!!) make sure that you’re providing content that’s really, truly valuable to your readership, presented by a gifted writer who “gets” the voice that needs to come across. Will every article be the viral amazing article? Maybe not. But a regurgitation of content that’s already out there is a severe disservice to your prospects and customers, not to mention a huge pollution of the already overcrowded, junky internet.

Content Marketplaces

Content marketplaces are great in concept. Pay $10-$100 per article, get varying levels of talent. How do you get these written? Put out a brief paragraph of what you want and writers basically bid on your need. The problem here? How well do these writers know your business? Have they sat down with you, created buyer personas, content calendar, understood your unique content offerings and geared it all towards that and content you’ve written in the past? Doubtful. Your blog is an extension of your sales team. You would never hire a sales rep and just shove them out into the world to “go get leads”, would you? (Hopefully not, if you’re an inbound marketer). Your content creators need a good understanding of your business, your mission and your ideal buyer. Without that, it’s just another piece of generic content floating around.

Underpaying or Random Assignment

479694767Your blogs have to resonate passion. If you’re loyal to a brand odds are you aren’t loyal to it because of the amazing job they’ve done in sourcing it in the most inexpensive way possible. Quality items are costly. The same is true for hiring an intern and passing the buck over to them. “Here, do our blogs.” Unless that intern is a gifted writer, there’s very little that they can truly offer in the way of thought leadership. Rather than outsourcing your content to the lowest bidder or assigning it to the lowest level grunt in the organization, partner with a gifted writer that can sit regularly with your executives, understand exactly what you’re offering and identify with your audience. Sometimes writing a blog is a bit like writing a work of fiction. Writers see what they do as art. It comes effortlessly and the passion shows in the end result. It reads smoothly, there are few edits, and something about it just “goes” with your organization’s mission. When you have talent behind your blogs, it gets noticed.

If you learn nothing else when it comes to inbound marketing, know this: there is no shortcut when it comes to providing your audience with the resources they need for the issues that your products and services cost. If it seems easy, involves a “tactic” or has any sort of quick return, don’t walk, but RUN the other way. Let’s not forget the famous word of Warren Buffet, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Maximize the value of your content by carefully choosing who you outsource your content to. It’s not something that should be done lightly or easily. Hire an agency or individual with a journalism degree, or one that has extensive experience in content creation. Paying a little more for valuable content will yield more in the long run, for your business AND for your prospects and customers.

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