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Marketing New Year Resolutions

Marketing New Year Resolutions

marketing New year resolutions

I’m not much for resolutions. I can’t remember ever making a list, but this year is different. For some reason I am compelled to make New Year Resolutions. I have an invigorating ambition for change, to do better. So this year I set out to make a small list of simple resolutions that will have a big impact on my future, both in my personal life and in my marketing strategies. I don’t want to over do it, this being my first year of resolution and all, but I am feeling exceedingly resolute this new year. I have set a simple, somewhat coordinating, marketing New Year resolutions for all three of my personal goals.

Since resolutions are essentially goals, I want to be ‘smart’ about my resolutions and set SMART goals. We need to make resolutions that are clear and concise by following SMART guidelines- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. I find the T in SMART to be especially important in my success. If I don’t have a set deadline I tend to procrastinate indefinitely. For instance, I’ve been saying I was going to clean up my diet for months. But every morning I say I’ll start tomorrow or next Monday. Every. Single. Day. But if I choose a date and stick with it I am more likely to accomplish my goal. Its important that every resolution or goal has these elements, success depends on it.

More Moving, More Blogging
My SMART Resolution #1: Starting January 1st I will run and blog three times per week, Tuesday, Thursday, and one weekend day.
It’s a great goal for everyone, most everyone could stand to move and blog more. My movement of choice is running, though I will probably throw in a few cardio videos on the really cold days. Obviously this is good for my body, but for me it also a great stress reliever. What marketer doesn’t have a little stress to burn? Did you know that HubSpot customers who write just 3-4 blog posts per month get 20 more monthly lead submissions, 800 more monthly site visits, 60 more Twitter followers, and 50 more Facebook like’s than businesses who only write 2 blog posts per month? That’s a HUGE difference. That’s why I went with three times a week; more blogs equals more traffic. Though it is somewhat of a leap for me seeing as it will be 3x the blogging and running I am doing currently, I’m up for the challenge.
Speaking of challenge, to kickoff the New Year here at WSS we are participating in Hubspot’s 30-day Blog Challenge. We will be publishing a blog every day for the month of January. What a great way to jump-start my resolution. Join us!

De-clutter My Home, De-clutter My Site
My SMART Resolution #2: Reduce excess toy and kitchen clutter in my house and general excess on the website (by completing the website redesign) by February 1st.
Oh, how things collect. Trinkets and toys (oh the toys!) in my house and offers and random, outdated info on our website. A new year is the perfect opportunity to clear out all the unnecessary things, the excess. I actually already started this process the day after Christmas I went through my closet and weeded out a large box of clothing I never wear to donate. WSS is right smack in the middle of a total website overhaul taking full advantage of Hubspot’s new COS platform which gives us the perfect opportunity to clear out the extra web clutter. We have decided it’s our priority for us to have a clean, easy to navigate, education-driven website. To do that we are reducing the cluttered appearance, outdated offers and the like. I can’t wait till our new sleek, de-cluttered site is ready to deliver the most personalized web experience possible.

Clean Diet, Clean Email List
My SMART Resolution #3: January 1 start a new healthier lifestyle with a permanently clean diet and quarterly clean out my email list to improve success rates by 20%.
Ah yes, the ever popular ‘eat better’ resolution. Nearly everyone I know has this on his or her resolution list this year. The key in this resolution for me is the ‘S’ in SMART- Be Specific. I don’t just want to eat better, but eat clean. I am not looking to lose weight, per se, I simply want to fuel my body with healthier foods. Having this focused goal will make it easier to achieve. My marketing clean up is in the email list department. After reviewing the report of a client on a recent email campaign I noticed a very high bounce rate. I knew the list had been growing un-groomed for some time so decided to look into cleaning up the email list. I researched a bit and found a few high priced services and software that offer to increase your success rate but I’m a DYI kind of girl. I found this WikiHow that seemed easy enough and decide I would make time this year to regularly clean out WSS and our clients email list to keep success rates high.

I know these are pretty standard, run-of-the-mill resolutions, but it’s my first time. I’m easing in. If you aren’t feeling particularly resolute or even if you are, feel free to take my resolutions. I don’t mind sharing. But wait there’s more! I made these super fun inspirational posters for my workspace to keep me motivated. They are purposely vague so most anyone can be reminded of their own related SMART resolutions. Enjoy and Happy New Year from all of us at What She Said!

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