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The Lowdown on HubSpot’s New CRM

The Lowdown on HubSpot’s New CRM

We’ve all been wishing and hoping that HubSpot would launch something that solved the small business sales dilemma. As a small agency, I’ve been grappling with getting a CRM for years. But when it comes to adding expenses to the bottom line I always try to keep things minimal. Can you blame me? Funds that can go into hiring and delivering value for customers over operational expenses? No question what comes first. No one can deny the fact that HubSpot’s “Contacts” tool didn’t quite do what sales reps needed. If you attended Halligan’s keynote on September 16th, you likely know that HubSpot has just announced a new CRM tool to complement their software. It’s a game changer for small businesses. The CRM will provide those that don’t have a CRM with a simple, easy to use interface that manages contacts and provides your sales team (or you, if you are your own sales team) with the lead intelligence they need to speak to prospects without having to manage all the other noise that comes with the Marketing software or customize views.

Here are the highlights:

filterFilter your contacts by properties.

HubSpot pulls over all contacts that have converted or been uploaded into the CRM tool. In this home contact view, you can easily filter them by owner to view which leads are yours or any other types of contact properties that are visible on your marketing forms. This is very helpful for identifying different types of leads. Want to see all the contacts from a single industry for prospecting or follow-up purposes? No problem. Simply filter by industry.

View contact intelligence.

What’s more is you’ve got a pretty sweet interface once you actually click through to the contacts. You can view every piece of lead intelligence that’s available to marketers in the timeline view and filter where needed. This allows you to speak intelligently and see how marketing has pushed them down the funnel with their content and nurturing. (See? Marketing and Sales can be friends after all!)

Take action.

hubspot talkContacts aren’t there to sit and look pretty, right? When it’s time to take action, you have every documentation and follow-up technique at your disposal without all the endless recording of notes at the end of the day. If you’re making a call – you can make it directly in the app. (Say what??) Yes. You read that right. HubSpot Talk allows you to use VoIP to call your prospects directly from the tool AND it even has the capability of recording your calls with them! (Note that based on where you’re located you may have disclose that you’re recording their call or disable the functionality.)

It keeps going. You can send e-mails, create notes, schedule a meeting, log an activity or even assign tasks for yourself in the contact property.


Once the task is assigned, you’ll be able to view it in the Tasks tool in the toolbar.

tasks overview

Lead scoring.

lead scoring

Not all leads are created equal, right? And we need to give this information to the marketing team so they can hone in on their skills and round up the best possible prospects, right? In standard awesome fashion, HubSpot has delivered a lead scoring tool that allows you to create your ideal buyer profile via properties so that leads that come in are scored before you view them based on their interactions or property values that you select. 



contactsHubSpot also allows you to add companies so you can view which contacts you have at each company and view data about that company. They work with a data service that is fairly accurate and pulls most of the data you’d want from the web. That includes annual revenue, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn company page, Industry and more.


You can create certain deals and add values to them and they’ll show up in the Company view as well as under the “Deals” tab view.

Funnel and forecasting.

workflowHubSpot also allows you to follow prospects throughout the buying process by moving them to different sections based on where they are in the buying process. Talk about delivering transparency.

Perhaps the part with the most impact is the ability to see how your pipeline and projections are looking. You can easily view the forecast of your deals at every level of the funnel to give you a good idea of when customers will close and whether or not you’re set to meet goals that you might have.




If you know HubSpot, you know they always offer integrations with other software and tools that you love. One of them (and I’m sure there are many more) is Google Drive! By connecting Google Drive you can easily add documents onto your companies and deals.

Once you connect Google Drive, you’ll accept some standard terms (basically like Facebook apps) and you can select a folder to include.

What about Sidekick?

Sidekick will offer you the same stalkerish awesomeness it always has. You’ll retain all the company intelligence that insights has always given and your e-mails sent from the CRM tool will be able to be tracked with Sidekick by simply checking a box.

So what?

Wondering why HubSpot launched a CRM?

Here’s a quote from the man himself, Brian Halligan:

“Traditional sales technology is necessary but not sufficient. HubSpot’s Sales Platform is designed to arm sales teams with the context they need to improve how they engage with companies, prospects, and leads to drive sales instead of driving people crazy.”

We’ve known for awhile that the sales and marketing relationship was broken. We’ve struggled and we’ve watched our sales reps struggle, working additional hours to ensure all their notes and actions are logged, for little other reason than to cover their ass. An integrated CRM will give your sales reps, yourself and your marketing team a break by helping you close the loop, close more deals and bring in more revenue without having to breathe down the neck of your sales team. We’ve been asking. Our clients have been asking. And now here it is. It’s a game changer. It allows sales to finally eliminate the paperwork, become more efficient, and manage all their information in one spot.

So tell us. Are you pretty stoked? Eager to get signed up?

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