June 26, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Lead Nurturing for B2C Businesses: Your Customers are Waiting

Lead Nurturing for B2C Businesses: Your Customers are Waiting

180265111I’ll admit it. I love to buy things. It’s a little bit of an addiction. I call myself a merchandise whore. When we go to football games, I buy everything I can possibly rationalize in orange and blue (and some things I can’t). There’s one store in particular that I can never help myself in. It’s a little natural parenting store about 45 minutes away from me. I joke around with the manager all the time about how I’ll singlehandedly keep them in business. But the really cool thing about that store? It’s my store. It’s well organized, beautiful and welcoming, with an amazingly well-educated staff and products that are right up my alley. When I walk in that store, I NEED to buy something. I am their buyer persona. They do a phenomenal job marketing to me, given I’m friends with the owner and manager on Facebook.  In fact, I recently posted about my irrational urge to purchase something, and who commented but them, telling me that they had a sale on the car seat I wanted. While you can’t be friends with all of your customers personally on Facebook, you want to make sure that you’re giving them every opportunity to buy. Here are a few lead nurturing insights for retail stores to give you a hint of when it’s time to start marketing.

Understand that timing is everything.

Sometimes it doesn’t occur to me until I’m standing inside a store with a bunch of merchandise in my hand – can I get a coupon here? While you may not want to send multiple daily e-mails, be sure that you have a good understand of timing when it comes to your products. Is it a particularly hot day outside? Feature a product that gives your customers great sun protection. With the Fourth of July coming up, retail stores should be putting all of their patriotic gear, fireworks, grilling and other products associated with celebrating on sale or featuring them in a promotional e-mail. Always be aware of what’s on the horizon. Ideally you’ll have a content calendar to plan your promotions on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

459333651Give them a reason to get in the store.

I cannot pass up a sale. I literally cannot. Doesn’t matter if I need anything from that store, I will always check out an e-mail that communicates a sale or provides a coupon. Even something a little as 10% is enough reason for someone who has been considering making a purchase to go ahead and drop in. But it doesn’t always have to come down to price. Announcing new products via e-mail and even pulling old ones out of the archives gives your customers a reason to engage.

Get a loyalty program & lead intelligence tracking.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? This is how it works: 80 percent of a company’s revenue comes from 20 percent of their customers. Keep this in mind when it comes to nurturing your customers with e-mail marketing. You want to stay in their heads and keep them coming back. Consider creating a loyalty program to reward them for the hard-earned cash that they spend in your store. Even an incentive as little as $5.00 for every $100 spent gives them a coupon to use whenever they return. Take that a step further by understanding what your customers buy and love to help you really target those e-mails. Find a software program that provides lead intelligence and get insight on what products your customers are most interested in, what e-mails they’re opening and which products they’re clicking through to view. This type of information is invaluable to a small business looking to increase sales. (We obviously recommend Hubspot, but there are other software programs that do something similar).

There’s an Amber out there that’s just itching to buy every single thing you have. They’re your perfect buyer. The one that’s just looking for a reason to drop by and spend money with you – it’s just a matter of nurturing them into making the decision. Lead nurturing through e-mail gives you the perfect opportunity to get into their lives and send them right over to your store.

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