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Hubspot’s 30 Day Blog Challenge: The Results

Hubspot’s 30 Day Blog Challenge: The Results

What a great month it’s been. In January, we participated in Hubspot’s 30 Day Blog Challenge. The contest was meant to kick off the New Year by completely owning your blog. It suited us well because we tried to post blogs a few times a week on our website, but for the most part focus heavily on client deliverables – so its not out of the norm for the blog to fall to the wayside. In January, however, we made it our goal to blog every day, and the results have been AMAZING. Read on to discover what Hubspot’s 30 Day Blog Challenge really did it for us, some hotter topics, the analytics and a few takeaways you can use to kick ass on your own blog.

hubspot 30 day blog challenge

The Approach.
Taking a HUGE risk and going against the way we typically operate, we had no content calendar or plan (we don’t typically recommend this and almost always use a content calendar). The commitment was simple – blog every business day during the month of January. We use project management software, so any time that we had an idea that fit into someone’s expertise (we all have different strengths here, like any other company) we would assign the task in the project management software and get to writing. Just having the commitment and knowing that a blog had to be done every day, come hell or high water was enough for us. Everyone really embraced it.

Social Media
Stephanie Jones is probably the queen of social media interaction. She has a way with people and it really shows through in how she interacts. We received a TON of traffic on the site from social media and a lot of retweets from industry influencers, which influenced our traffic significantly.            Three out of four of our most popular posts during the month of January were about social media for business.

Blog Syndication
Rachel Roberts finds new ways to connect with influencers and audiences in our company. While she was already working on blog syndication for us, it wasn’t until the middle of the month that Social Media Today and Business2Community picked up our blogs, resulting in hundreds of new visits and lead conversions from the Call to Actions in our blogs.

hubspot 30 day blog challenge

The Traffic
Drumroll please! While the day still isn’t over, we nearly doubled our traffic from December to January.

  • Organic Traffic: 130% increase
  • Referral Traffic: 335% increase
  • Social Media Traffic: 311% increase
  • Direct Traffic: 175% increase

This is a great example of how important linkbuilding and social media are for blog promotion. While organic will naturally increase with more content, it helps greatly to promote your content as well. Overall, we had a 90% increase in our total traffic for the month.

The Leadshubspot 30 day blog challenge

We had a 2% conversion rate sitewide, resulting in 24 leads last month, an increase of 200% from December.

Whenever we seek to prove something in Inbound I always jokingly refer to it as “operation proof pudding” – and I don’t think the proof gets any more tangible than this. Blogging every day had a MASSIVE impact on our traffic and leads. This is easy proof that doubling your efforts yields will almost always guarantee results.

Kudos to the team at WSS.

We’re looking forward to hearing how others did on the challenge!

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