October 25, 2013 at 7:30 am

Hubspot COS Designer Certification: He did it!

Hubspot COS Designer Certification: He did it!

hubspot COS certificationWhen the company was rebranded, I never wanted to offer web design. We’ve done it for select clients here and there, and generally it’s been okay. We’re not the type of firm that does well with project work, given we have the tendency to go above and beyond and over-deliver. (Who knew that cuts into margin so much?) I had pretty much sworn off web development prior to heading to the Inbound 2013 conference. But it was at that conference during the keynote that Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the masterminds behind Hubspot, presented some game changing tools. Among them was the Hubspot COS (Content Optimization System). Unlike a CMS (content management system), the COS offers a way to create websites with dynamic content. And now we are Hubspot COS Designer Certified!

What does that mean?
It’s pretty much a game changer. You see, in Hubspot we have the ability to categorize all of our contacts. A contact can fall into different categories based on their relationship with your company. They might be a customer, a lead, a marketing qualified lead, a sales qualified lead, or a subscriber. This tells us what types of content to deliver to them in the way of nurturing e-mails and download resources. After all, the goal of inbound is to shorten your sales cycle and educate your buyers, pushing them as far as possible down the funnel before they’re turned over to sales.  For ages websites have been static. If you want to change something, you have to create landing pages – different ones for each lifecycle stage. But the COS makes it so that when you create a new web page on your site – you can determine what is seen by different contacts based on their relationship with your company.

What’s the implication of it all?
Imagine a world where your website works like a member of your sales team. It identifies whether the person is a new visitor, an existing customer, a lead or another type of contact and filters your home page with content geared specifically towards them. For example, say you’re an IT company that provides consulting to medium sized businesses. You have been courting this company for forever, and you just sent them an e-mail. They think of you, but not at the moment they read the e-mail, instead while they’re out at happy hour and can’t access their e-mail servers. So they go to your website. Magically, the content is geared towards a lead at the bottom of the funnel with offers specific to their interests. Like a sales assistant that you don’t even pay.

It’s optimized across different devices, too.
Not only does the COS optimize your content, but it creates different versions of your pages based on the device that your visitor is viewing it from. You can preview the page as you’re creating it and make changes to optimize the user experience. Much better than a customer viewing your page from their phone and having to zoom in to each section or (worse) being subject to whatever janky mobile version is available with the template you purchased.

We’re over the moon about this. Our developer, Erik Petterson, has worked countless hours on learning the ins and outs of the COS – and just yesterday received his official certification. From Erik: “It’s been a pleasure to work within Hubspot’s seamless features in such an advanced development environment with the Hubspot COS.”

Join us in congratulating Erik, who has opened new doors for our clients and our company.

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