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How to Wield the Power of Buyer Persona

How to Wield the Power of Buyer Persona

There are 2.1 billion Internet users on this big blue ball we call Earth. The fact is you don’t want them all to visit your site; they aren’t all interested in your products or services. The main goal of your entire marketing strategy is to attract the right visitors, leads, and customers. The buyer persona is the glue of the marketing strategy and is useful in every area of marketing and is key to reaching that goal.


So you get its important and have done your research. You conducted all the interviews, analyzed the data, your buyer persona(s) are complete and totally relatable like laid out in this blog. You are the master of your marketing strategy, great ruler of your marketing kingdom. Great, congratulations! Now what? How can your buyer personas help you and your business in a powerful way? Here’s a handful of ways to wield the power of buyer personas to market effectively and please your customer realm.

Unite Efforts
Clearly written buyer personas create a fictional customer your entire company can get behind. Unite your business kingdom; everyone from sales and HR to marketing and customer service is on the same page focusing all there efforts toward the same goal. Interview both existing customers and the sales team. Ask them questions (like the ones outlines in these worksheets).  Its important that sales answers the same as customers, if sales says this is the customer’s problem and the customer gives another problem, there is a disconnect in your sales process.  That’s a fast fix your buyer personas brought about.

Create Targeted Content
When your have that much info on your model customer you can aim your content to appeal right to their needs as well as desires.  You have the intelligence to customize info just for them. Know your people and address them accordingly. Your content should read like their favorite magazine or journal. A great example is our client that designs and prints plastic marketing collateral. They have several personas, like the yoga instructor. When creating content for them we use language that appealed to their industry. We talk about “enlightened marketing” or creating “balance” in their business. Don’t be a selfish marketing ruler and only focus on what you have to offer, instead what your buyer needs. They have problems the content you offer should give them solutions.

Once your content is curated consider they mode of delivery of your royal decrees. Your buyer person may be a list and bullet guy, for him delivery your content in the form of a facts sheet. For a more visual or hands on persona consider creating a short informational video.  Though research will reveal the buyer persona’s favors mode of delivery.

Timing is another aspect of delivery to consider. Does your buyer check their email before in the early hours before work? Do they indulge in Facebook right after dinner? Utilizing this intelligence will allow you to cater to your personas lifestyle ensuring you content is delivered in a timely manner.

Optimize your SEO
Creating targeted content optimizes your site for search engines and customers. When you have an established buyer persona you know what they are looking for, you know what problems they are trying to solve therefore it should be easy to optimize content with long-tail keywords they will use when searching for solutions. These keywords are how search engines catalogue your content and direct people to your site.  The value of insight your buyer persona provides is powerful aid to your SEO and better than any royal advisor.

Segment Customers and Leads
On average, a business will have 3-5 buyer personas; in this case, leads and customers should be segmented into groups. Unlike the social classes of a royal kingdom these groups are fair and just. This segmentation simply ensures they receive the targeted content you have worked so hard to produce. For instance that same spa owner will not be interested in marketing info geared to a restaurant owner. So if you are doing a little email marketing blast promoting a new eBook about designing optimal menus you don’t bother your spa owner. Sending unrelated content could lead subscribers to opt-out of your newsletter or worse mark it as spam. Gasp. Better not run that risk; segment your customers and leads appropriately according to buyer personas.

Social Media
As marketing ruler and part of your research building a buyer persona you should find out where online your people are hanging out. Are they super social on Twitter and Facebook? More visual creatures on Pinterest? All business on LinkedIn? Reach your customers where they spend their time then share that content you created just for them. According to a recent report released by CitiGroup, “People are spending more time on Facebook than on Google – a total of 41.4 billion minutes – making it the first time the social network has surpassed the search engine in this category.” While SEO is important, extending your social media reach is becoming more and more imperative. Use your research to make your reach more effective with language, content, and images that will appeal to your buyer persona.

Use technology that your buyer persona is comfortable with and has access to.  For those buyer personas who have their smartphones fused to their hand be sure you offer mobile versions of your newsletter and website. Maybe even consider offering a mobile app. But not all personas are this technologically advanced. Don’t force a mobile app if your persona doesn’t use an internet able mobile device. Your buyer persona research should reveal their technology behaviors.

Once you have the power of buyer personas in your hands you can deploy a truly effective marketing strategy fit for a king. The research you worked so diligently to compile has become a powerful building block. You can market with a clear goals and focus. These personas will make you the company ruler of marketing, your power? Inbound marketing, of course.

If you haven’t created buyer personas for your company there is no time like the present. Get started by reading our Buyer Persona: The Main Character in Your Marketing Story post and then download the easy to use Buyer Persona Worksheet and Framework below.

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