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How to Know When it’s Time to Cancel Hubspot

How to Know When it’s Time to Cancel Hubspot

476399489It’s time to face a scary reality: Hubspot isn’t for everyone. In fact, you could already have Hubspot and not be using it to its full potential. If you’re approaching renewal and thinking about (gasp) cancelling Hubspot, it might be time to re-assess how you’re using it. I encounter many Hubspot clients that don’t see exactly what the software can do for them, or others that have canceled Hubspot because they didn’t understand how to fully take advantage of the software. Let’s start with this: If you’ve canceled Hubspot or are thinking about canceling Hubspot – it’s not your fault. Odds are that you just don’t have enough time to fully explore and utilize the amazing features behind the software. Let’s explore a few of the things you might be thinking and features that you may not be taking full advantage of.

You still aren’t sure of the difference between Hubspot and Google Analytics.

We get this question a lot. “Hubspot is just an overpriced version of Google Analytics, right?” or, “Yeah, you guys partner with that analytics software.” If you learn nothing else, know this: Hubspot is SO much more than an analytics tool. It’s time to think beyond the reports functionality (even though it is robust and amazing). Hubspot is an e-mail marketing tool, a blogging platform, a content management system, a campaign manager, a social media monitoring tool, a contact management software, a marketing automation software and an analytics software in one. Features are constantly being added and keeping up can be difficult. Want a tip? Check your notifications center for new features and to get schooled on how to appropriately take advantage of the tools, go through consulting with a Hubspot partner or a Hubspot Inbound Consultant. Also, Hubspot’s training section (login required) is a literal library of resources to help you along the way.

You’ve never heard of Smart Content

Smart ContentIf you’ve been a Hubspot customer for a while, you may not realize what some of the new functionality can do. Smart content was added to Hubspot over the past year with the release of the COS. By now, if you’ve figured out how to navigate the new landing page tool, you might have seen a new little button at the top right of your content modules. Smart content allows you to create different content that will appear based on contact property or recent conversions. That means you can customize your content based on whether the person viewing it is a prospect, a lead, a current customer or even associated with one of the buyer personas that you’ve created.

You’re not using Tracking URLs or Landing Pages for your traditional advertising.

Whether you’ve purchased display advertising on another website, have a spread in a trade publication or have just rolled out a new television commercial, you need to make sure you’re using Hubspot to track these efforts. Create unique landing pages and use them exclusively for your commercials and print advertising campaigns. Tracking URLs should be used for anything you do that’s clickable – so if you purchase advertising, begin a Pay Per Click campaign or if you just want to track an individual post or page listing. These will tell you what sort of traction your additional efforts are generating in the Sources section. 

Social Inbox SetupYour Social Inbox “Monitoring” Tab hasn’t been set up yet.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to set up the Social Inbox tool in Hubspot, it’s time to do it. The tool allows you to schedule posts, view your reach and monitor social media interaction based on a contact’s relationship with your company. In fact, Hubspot has even recently released a new batch of features that Stephanie, our social media manager, has outlined in this blog.

A little overwhelmed? Hey listen, we get it. Your inbound expertise can’t happen overnight and odds are that you didn’t go into business to manage your web presence exclusively. If you’re not really sure what to do with this amazing inbound marketing machine that you’ve purchased, consult an expert before you cancel. Reach out to a Hubspot partner (it doesn’t even have to be us) and look into investing money into comprehensive management of your inbound marketing so you can focus on doing all the other stuff.

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