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Foster Connections with Powerful Marketing Campaigns

Foster Connections with Powerful Marketing Campaigns

Now more than ever it seems like people want the ability to connect with, well, people rather than their phones. As a company, it’s important to think about facilitating and fostering relationships for the “feel good” aspect of your marketing. By being an activist for a relatable cause, you can foster long term, loyal connections. Advocacy campaigns are one of the strongest marketing strategies a company can implement for their marketing strategy. To gain a better understanding of what I mean, check out some recent, remarkably powerful marketing campaigns from some huge companies that help to foster connections, build relationships and raise awareness.

AKQA for Verizon: #InspireHerMind

This inspiring and thoughtful campaign, which was recently featured as Adweek’s “Ad of the Day”, focuses on the lack of women in science and technology related fields. The video has a subtle but important feminist message that will surely encourage parents to choose their words wisely while talking to their children.

FCB Brazil for CNA English School: Speaking Exchange

This solution gets an A+ in my book for causing my mom to cry tears of joy upon watching the video. This project brings together a rather unlikely pair; elderly Americans and young students living in Brazil with a dream of mastering English. The result? A variety of beautiful and heartwarming interactions between two very different generations.

Leo Burnett for Coca Cola: Small World Machines

Coca Cola, the pioneer of “opening happiness” does it again with Leo Burnett by their side. Together they created a unique soda machine to create friendships between the citizens of India and Pakistan, whom have a generally hostile relationship. Leo Burnett, an agency known for their focus on humankind, shows two different cultures that they are inherently the same, that they are human.

These companies have all become backers for important causes that can still relate back to their product or service. If you’re considering doing the same, follow these three simple rules:

  1. Believe in Change
    Those who create powerful solutions do so because they believe passionately in making a difference. More than that, they expect change, which provides the motivation to develop the most perfect solution possible.
  1. Know How to Solve Problems
    You can’t create a great idea without a good problem-solver on your team. If you don’t have one, find one. This person must identify a problem and be able to create relevant ties between it and your company.
  1. Think Outside the Box
    Having a vivid imagination is key. Even though the problem-solvers create the pieces, creativity is what brings it all together. The final idea must be paired with a strong visual to transfer the solution to the masses with ease.

By identifying a relatable problem and following these steps your company will be on it’s way to becoming a well-known advocate in your community. Creating a powerful solution for a worthy and applicable cause will bring you stronger relationships with clients that believe in your mission.

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