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Social Media for Business: Don’t Fear the Twitter

Social Media for Business: Don’t Fear the Twitter

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You’ve made great strides when it comes to social media for business. Your Facebook Page is booming and really helping you drive traffic to your site.  You are engaging with your followers in a meaningful way by answering questions or responding to complaints with a sense of urgency.  Your followers are loving the content you provide. It’s like a party on your Page.  What could possibly better than that? Nothing, right? Well, except, maybe Twitter. If Facebook is considered a party, then Twitter is the game of telephone that accompanies it.  And who doesn’t want to play telephone? Twitter is a great way to engage with potential customers, to get feedback on your products and to drive more traffic to your site.

Some businesses are a little shy about adding Twitter to their social media marketing repertoire.  After all, it is a distant second to the social media mothership that is Facebook; While Facebook boasts over 1 billion users worldwide, Twitter has over 140 million active users.  Does the gulf between those numbers make you uncomfortable? Well, there’s good news.  Of those active Twitter users, 33 percent follow a brand, which amounts to 46.2 million people! Those numbers are no small potatoes, my friends.

Adding Twitter to your inbound marketing plan can be highly advantageous.  Here are a few reasons to give this social media platform a shot.

Spread the Word
If your business is new or you just need to boost your sales, Twitter is a great way to get your name out there.  When searched on Google, your business’ tweets will appear, thus allowing Twitter users to connect with your business instantly.  Also, people love to share promotions or news from businesses they follow and 79 percent of users recommend brands they follow.  Do you blog for your business? Twitter is also a great place to share your latest blogs, which will drive more traffic to your site.

Connect to Industry Leaders and Trendsetters
You can follow anyone you want on Twitter and anyone can follow you.  This means you can connect easily with like-minded people, keep up with industry trends and set yourself up as a thought leader.  That’s really powerful!

Connect to Your Customers
People are buzzing about your business and with Twitter you get to see what they say.  You can easily respond to feedback and apply it to your business in an actionable way.  Much like a focus group, you can ask your followers any questions to help make their experience with your business a better one and make it more profitable on your end.

You Heart Great Customer Service
When you are connected with your customers on social media, it is easy to respond to their questions and complaints.  Customers love to be heard and engaged with in an authentic way.  By actively engaging with your customers you are solidifying your relationship with each of them.  And the beauty of Twitter is that all that engagement can be seen by anyone, not just people who choose to follow you.

Twitter is a dynamic social media marketing tool for businesses.  While it may not share the popularity of Facebook, it has some advantages that just can’t be found on the other social behemoth.  Between the ease of spreading the word about your business and the potential for feedback you can actually use, Twitter has Facebook beat.

Are you ready to get your business up and running on Twitter? Check out our eBook on attracting customers with Twitter.

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