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Don’t Ice Out Your Friends: 5 Tips for Better Engagement on Facebook

Don’t Ice Out Your Friends: 5 Tips for Better Engagement on Facebook
better engagement on facebook

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The US is in the midst of a ‘Polar’ Freeze that is wreaking havoc on everyday life.  According to the National Weather Service, temperatures have been 20 to 40 degrees below average for this time of year.  Chicago alone has seen temps dip as low as -12 degrees F.  Even the folks who live in the warmer areas of the country are being affected; our morning lows in Houston have been 28 degrees F with strong wind gusts that make it feel like it’s in the teens.  And my office has no heat – hooray!

Hopefully you have a warm place to be while you wait out this freeze.  If you are stuck indoors because the air outside will give you frostbite within five minutes of exposure (that is actually happening!), maybe it’s time to work on warming up the engagement with your Facebook followers.

Facebook is a great tool in a social media marketer’s toolbox and, if used properly, can generate delighted customers.  Your followers liked your organization or business because they believe in your mission or love your product.  Those likes are precious.  Not engaging, or icing out your followers sends a bad message about your company.

If you are looking to heat up your engagement on Facebook, here are 5 tips to get those followers chatting.

1) Ask Questions
Sounds too simple to work, but asking brand oriented or even off topic questions that are interesting to your followers will gain you some engagement traction.   In this example, Sephora uses the relatable topic of New Year’s resolutions with a twist to get people discussing their products.

Need some help coming up with good questions to ask? I feel you.  There are actually third party apps that will help you generate the q’s, like Post Planner.  There is also this helpful post from Baked Social Media that will help get your brain going.

better engagement on facebook

2) Post a Quote
A quote can be really powerful for people, especially if it meets the right person at the right time.  And then that person shares it.  These types of posts get great engagement for two reasons: one, quotes are relatable and two, Facebook’s like function makes it so easy to, well, like something.  For every pair they sell, Toms gives a pair of shoes to someone in need.  This quote from the Toms Haiti Artist Collective will no doubt tug at the heart and purse strings of many.  You can’t argue with that many likes and shares.

better engagement on facebook

3) Include Your Followers
Your devoted followers will share your content and like most of your posts – this means they are your brand advocates.  Say thank you to them by sharing posts that mention your company or share images of happy customers that visit your store.  Not only does this give your brand a face, but it shows that you genuinely care about your customers.

Freshly Picked is really awesome at sharing images of cute little babies in their moccasins.  They share a ton of the images they get tagged in on Facebook and Instagram.  It’s a simply way to show customer appreciation and to show off your product.

better engagement on facebook

4) Use Hashtags
Hashtags are fairly new to the world of Facebook, but they are pulling their weight by increasing brand awareness beyond site wide.  Sephora uses hashtags to highlight specific campaigns and this particular campaign gives folks a sneak peek inside the 100 point goodies you can get with purchase.

In addition, using searchable terms as hashtags creates a greater possibility for your post to be found outside of your following.  Oftentimes, I use #inbound and #marketing on our Facebook posts.

better engagement on facebook

5) Photo Captions
Something that is fun for everyone is asking your followers to pen a caption for a photo.  It can be a photo from within your company or a silly stock photo.  You choose, you post and they caption.  CNN asked its followers to caption this photo and also engaged throughout the comments.

better engagement on facebook

If you’re looking to see a thaw on your Facebook page, these 5 ideas are a great place to start.  As long as you engage your followers in a meaningful and genuine way, your page will be much warmer and you’ll be able to put those ear muffs away.

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