November 25, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Do or Do Not: Social Media Marketing for IT Firms

Do or Do Not: Social Media Marketing for IT Firms

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Yoda

 social media for business Have you attempted to get your IT firm started social media marketing, but had limited success with it? It can be frustrating to see other technology-based companies do so well on social media when your account seems to be in a lurch.  What can they possibly be saying or doing that you aren’t? Does an IT firm even really need to be engaging on social media? You’ve probably even come to the conclusion that social media is best suited for B2C companies. Wrong!

A whopping 58% of IT buyers use social media to make technology purchase decisions.  Also, IT decision makers spend 13% of their work-related media time on social media, the fifth-largest amount after vendor web sites (20%), tech b2b web sites (18%), tech b2b magazines (16%), and e-newsletters (14%).

Just because you didn’t have an easy time with your social media marketing the first time around doesn’t mean that it won’t be a hit now. It’s time to re-focus your efforts and learn how to be social, as well as tech savvy in your social media strategy. Here are some tips for getting your IT Firm up and running on social media.

Know Your Peeps
Do you know to whom you’re trying to market? This is a huge piece of the social media marketing puzzle.  Knowing your targeted buyer persona allows you to customize your message to that person. The people you should be seeking are quality follows, or people that find your content useful, engaging and have a higher chance of sharing your content with people they know. If you haven’t developed or even know what a buyer persona is, find a handy tool to assist you in developing one.

It’s Not All Business
It’s definitely important to connect with other IT professionals and share ideas. It’s also important to create and share great content. However, it’s not all about white papers and offers. Social media is just that – social! Sharing anecdotes about the happenings in the office, a really great quote, or even a hilarious Grumpy Cat meme is a great way to connect with people on a different level that’s not strictly professional. Think of social media as a cocktail party for work; No one wants to talk to the guy in the corner who’s just talking shop and pushing up his glasses all night.  Share content that your personas will find useful and entertaining.

Work On Your Voice
Once you know your persona you will have to do some work on your social media voice. This takes a lot of trial and error, and you will probably not land on it the first time. It’s a good idea to research your competition; take note of what they’re sharing with their audience and how they speak to them. Study up on where your buyer personas like to hang out, what they’re interested in, what they like to talk about, and the types of content they share. Once you figure out which voice works for your buyer persona, stick with it.

If you look at the stats alone, social media is a veritable Candyland for tech companies; with that many IT decision makers using social media as a part of the decision making process, it would be silly not to give it a shot.  Do your research on your competition, hammer out your personas and you’re ready to start!

In what ways does your company use social media? We would love to hear about it.

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