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DIY Marketing: Creating an Infographic Everyone Wants to See

DIY Marketing: Creating an Infographic Everyone Wants to See

The rise of social media and technology has influenced our culture to crave more information faster. To satisfy this need for knowledge, the infographic was born and they can now be found all across the web. The beauty of this new invention is the fact that it targets a problem and solves it with specific, concise sentences and easily identifiable graphics, unlike a time-consuming (and potentially boring) article. If an infographic is created properly, it will capture the readers attention, teach them something in a matter of minutes, and encourage them to frequent your website. More often than not, truly remarkable infographics are created by talented designers. However, for those that prefer some simple, DIY marketing, you can create your own infographics with a little guidance.

Here are are few tips for DIY infographics… in the appropriate format.

Benefit From Your Whole Brain

To make a successful infographic it’s beneficial to turn on both sides of your brain, the left for fact-finding and the right for a creative and seamless design. The first part of designing an infographic triggers your “left brain” and deals with accuracy, analysis, and creating categories. Once you’ve collected your info, identify themes and create a hierarchy to use in your design. Without organization, your infographic will leave people confused rather than informed.

Your “right brain” comes in with insight, feeling, and creativity. This is where you choose your colors, fonts, and design themes to make your graphic fit your information. Choosing the right design elements will help give your infographic a feeling to accompany the information and will help people to remember it in the future.

To illustrate this concept, we’ve appropriately created an infographic:

left-right brain

Finding Your Other Half

Dusting the cobwebs off one side of your brain might be easier said than done. Branch out and find your infographic soulmate (we think a meeting site for this could really give eHarmony a run for it’s money). If you aced Calculus in college, find joy in making spreadsheets, and think your stick figures resemble the Mona Lisa, join forces with a right-brained creative, and quick! On the other hand, if you doodled all over your Calculus test, barely passed, and despise spreadsheets, you’ll find everything you need in the arms of a “left-brained” individual. Seek out people in your company and collaborate! Both parties will win because with two people focusing on things that they’re good at and splitting the workload, your infographic will be done in the blink of an eye!

With this knowledge under your belt, it’s time to go out and grace the world with outstanding infographics!

If you need some inspiration, head over to http://visual.ly/get-inspired or check out our latest infographic about Facebook!




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