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Damage Control & Responsiveness for Retail Brands: Managing Online Reputation 

Damage Control & Responsiveness for Retail Brands: Managing Online Reputation 


These days everybody is a critic, and nowhere is that more apparent than online. From bad Yelp! reviews to tips posted on Foursquare, handling bad experiences posted on Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor to maintaining your Amazon star ratings – managing your online reputation can be a little overwhelming. No matter where your audience goes to review feedback about your business, be sure that you’re monitoring every single online mention that you possibly can. Here are a few great ways to manage your online reputations and suggestions for responding to even the most scathing review.

Social Location Platforms.

Yelp Review

From Foursquare to Yelp! and beyond, you need to take time to manage your online reviews and tips on these popular “check-in” services. Whenever your customers check in or review your establishment it gets broadcasted for all of their following to see. Even more than that Yelp!, Facebook and Foursquare reviews are public. It’s not just that individual’s following that sees its, but it gets published for others who visit your page.

Create a business account and claim your pages on these platforms if you haven’t already. Log-in to these sites once a week or more to view recent reviews, tips and check-ins. Respond to both positive and negative reviews without getting overly emotional. Be professional, offer to make it right, or just thank them for the positive review. Remind them that you’re human; if people see that the owner or their representatives have responded to the review, it shows customers that you care and might make them reconsider visiting your establishment.

Google & Facebook.

Google RatingThese behemoth platforms boast massive traffic. With both of these star ratings appearing prominently on your Google Places listing and Facebook page, damage control and feedback are HUGE on these platforms. Take the time to check out your reviews whenever possible and reach out personally to make it right or thank them. Now that Google reviews are associated with Google+ accounts, businesses can interact directly with the reviewer to sort out or offer a thank you for the positive review.Facebook Review

Why it all matters so much.

Just how crucial is it that you manage your online reputation?’s Trust Factor Survey found that 4 out of 5 consumers changed their minds about a recommended purchase based solely on negative information they found online. Regarding positive feedback, 87% of respondents stated that, “Positive information I’ve read online has reinforced my decision to purchase a product or service recommended to me.” If that weren’t enough motivation to get your regular customers reviewing you, how’s this statistic? Before buying, 89% of consumers go online to do additional research about products and services that have a moderate or high cost

Your customers are spending their hard-earned money with your company, and there’s no doubt that they need the warm fuzzy to rationalize that expenditure. Make sure that you’re delivering stellar customer service, a welcoming environment and quality products and services consistently. Encourage your evangelists to review your brand and take the time to respond to all of the reviews that you have online. While time consuming, it’s an absolute necessity to maintain a stellar online reputation and keep sales high.

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