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Business Social Media Etiquette That’ll Make Your Mom Proud

Business Social Media Etiquette That’ll Make Your Mom Proud

social media etiquette for businessMy mom likes everything I post on social media.  By everything, I mean ev-ve-ry-th-i-ng.  It goes without saying that she’s going to like and comment on every photo of my daughter or give me encouragement if my status even slightly suggests I’m not 100 percent happy.  She is my biggest Internet fan.  My mom lives nearly 12 hours from me, so it’s nice to be loved, comforted and supported, even if it’s through Facebook.

When my parents and grandparents joined the social media ranks, I realized I had to watch what I post.  I tend to shy away from anything too political.  I keep my posts light.  I don’t make my posts cryptic.  Those kind of posts send my mom into a psychological tailspin. I realized I needed to refine my social media presence to cater to my concerned and loving audience.

Standards of etiquette that are used in the real world can then be translated to your online business social personas.  Why should you treat your business’ followers any differently than you would your friends and family? Your online presence should remain professional and cater to your audience much like I did with my family. Heres some business social media etiquette that will delight your followers and make your momma proud.

Treat Others the Way You Want To Be Treated
The golden rule is golden for a reason – it makes people feel good and it works.  Consider first how you would like to be treated on social media if you had a question about a product or a complaint. How would you want that handled? Being kind and helpful will get you huge points with your followers and, in turn, potential new customers!

Watch Your Tone, Young Lady
If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: keep it positive.  Tone can easily be misconstrued when people aren’t speaking face-to-face or even on the phone (and who does that anymore).  Followers get nervous if posts are constantly pitching the hard-sell, are too graphic in nature, or are just downright hateful.  Facebook is kind of like a big cocktail party and no one wants to be the party pooper.  Keep it light.  Keep it fun.

What Would Your Grandmother Say
You have what you think is a great piece of content, however, you are unsure if it’s appropriate to post to the business social accounts.  If you are struggling with the decency (or indecency) of a piece of content, it’s probably not worth posting.  Would it offend and disappoint your? If so, skip the social media and share with a friend- over e-mail.  Your professional presence isn’t work risking. Stay classy.

We Don’t Discuss That At The Dinner Table 
If you are a retail business do you really need to share your political views in your business page? Probably not. Your followers ‘like’ you your brand and they are on your page because they want to keep up with news in your industry, not a celebrity’s scandalous new haircut. Leave the politics and gossip for mainstream news and tabloids. Try to stay neutral, some topics are just not appropriate for your audience and could turn them off. Stick to posts about your brand and cater to your audience. That way no one is offended and your followers are happy.

Your followers are your best assets and they didn’t follow your business by mistake; they chose to keep up with you because you provide great content and a fun place to hang out.  When asking them for feedback or participation, using the word “please” is appealing.  People appreciate good manners and will be more inclined to participate.  Think about thanking your followers- actually telling them you appreciate them, better still, provide them with special offers or even giveaways just for them.  Anything to make them feel loved and special.  After all, they are customers, brand ambassadors but also potential customers.

Good etiquette is an integral part of a professional online presence and impacts the impression you make on your followers. Mind your manners on your business social media page like your mom taught you and all of those lovely followers will stick by your side.  Though these are lessons that you probably learned in preschool, they are also elemental practices for great customer service.  Bottom line – Be kind.  Be positive. Be you. Keep it professional.

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