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Because Kasumi was actually deceased prior to the happenings of Persona 5 began.

Because Kasumi was actually deceased prior to the happenings of Persona 5 began.

Kasumi Yoshizawa


Kasumi was a young woman with identical face characteristics to Sumire. But their vision is brown and much more angular when compared to this lady more youthful brother and she’s auburn locks and a beauty mark near to their left vision. She also wears contact lenses along with her gymnast getup was red in place of blue.


Because Kasumi is deceased before the happenings of Persona 5 began, and so ended up being struggling to talk for herself, the majority of this lady characteristics and history are merely recognized because of the account from Sumire’s Confidant, in addition to their actions when she determines by herself as Kasumi.

Kasumi is largely implied to have the same identity since “Kasumi” who is really Sumire under Maruki’s spell, aside that she’s even more strong and positive and it is totally steady in her own performances and cheerfulness, said to be constantly at leading score during gymnastic competitions and should do the lady better to cheer-up their aunt or secure the woman from hurt. She’s also a lot more nimble, have much better memory than Sumire and can implement intricate gymnast techniques without having any problem, something which the artificial Kasumi cannot would. Sumire had actually expressed their as a “perfect sister.” Not surprisingly, Kasumi comes with one inferiority versus Sumire; she cannot make also the woman.

While having demonstrably well-meaning purpose on looking after Sumire, Kasumi is generally highly insensitive or oblivious to the lady young sibling’s depression plummeting to near-suicidal levels due to the woman attention. When Sumire’s frustration and emotional uncertainty reaches their top, Kasumi’s reaction should joke around this lady, creating her consequent malfunction that led to Kasumi’s dying.

Kasumi can believed to perhaps not support dealing with matters for other people to stop all of them from becoming over-reliant on other individuals, anything she doesn’t heed towards Sumire.


Kasumi is actually an accomplished gymnast residing alongside the lady cousin Sumire Yoshizawa together with siblings’ pops Shinichi Yoshizawa, who had been the host of a chat show at Akasaka Mitsuke. In addition they resided alongside their own mama and grandmother. She and Sumire have been practicing gymnastics since childhood under advisor Hiraguchi which trained these with a spartan amount, although Kasumi got a more all-natural and less mastering contour compared to her young sibling. She furthermore chooses the vast majority of issues involving the Yoshizawa sisters, such as making Sumire’s bedroom. This excludes creating the dishes since she cannot would all of them correctly.

Kasumi is claimed become a literal gymnastic genius who continuously gets into local games virtually uncontested, and many everyone was surprised by this lady bold performances. She additionally assured Sumire that they would go to internationals as a duo eventually, although this was a promise which can not any longer end up being fulfilled.

Image 5 Royal – SPOILERS

Unfortunately, Kasumi creating the vast majority of situations for Sumire, and Sumire not being competent sufficient to enter into gymnast games uncontested like Kasumi stЕ™Г­zlivГЅ datovГЎnГ­ lokalit even when they received equivalent tuition, got led to Sumire developing a severe feeling of inferiority towards Kasumi, and suicidal anxiety manifesting as a consistent sense of worthlessness and (heavily suggested) rapid tiredness. She additionally got constant delusional ideas about she would sometimes need certainly to being Kasumi herself or pass away, despite getting above typical at sport. This gathered into Sumire operating from the Kasumi and almost throwing herself into site visitors accidentally after sisters happened to be heading back after a training period, and she merely lasted considering Kasumi compromising by herself to protect their. This happened a month ahead of the start of the siblings getting into their first 12 months of twelfth grade.

Shinichi mourned Kasumi with sadness after this lady dying, and Sumire’s emotional state worsened because she believe she was actually accountable for this lady death and taking her desired, concise that this lady survivor’s shame worsened her depression, also crippling the lady interest towards the girl everyday behavior. Sumire got pushed by Shinichi to meet up Takuto Maruki for therapies on March 25th to avoid the girl from in fact committing suicide. Whenever Maruki was counseling with Sumire, she managed to create your turn on their image’s actualization. Maruki (subconsciously) made the girl believe that she’s this lady sis Kasumi, and Sumire died instead, as that is what the previous Sumire wished. Since Maruki only generated the girl imagine she is Kasumi, other individuals nevertheless discover this “Kasumi” as Sumire, causing them to genuinely believe that she is delusional. However, she’dn’t manage to listen to reality right from all of them, as she would instead hear “Kasumi” if people used the lady real offered identity.

During Sumire’s actual awakening, Kasumi’s spirit transforms into Cendrillon and occurs across destroyed one. The woman spirit additionally appears in protagonist and Sumire’s Showtime.

Despite the woman demise and Sumire’s thoughts of inferiority towards the lady, Sumire really does truly appreciate and respect their as you while the sisters did posses a truly great union with one another. Kasumi in addition watched Sumire as a rival on near-equal conditions as opposed to a person as seemed straight down upon.

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