November 3, 2014 at 4:18 pm

5 Signs it’s Time to Give up on DIY Inbound Marketing

5 Signs it’s Time to Give up on DIY Inbound Marketing


Some people are really crafty. My friend Rachel is AWESOME at crafting. She can create anything she imagines. When we were redoing the office, she would come up with these crazy ideas and I’d be like, “Yeah. Good luck with that. Sounds awesome.” And she would just make it happen – red and black hand-painted globe for our shelf? No problem. It was crazy.

Me on the other hand? I’m not so much of a DIY-er. I like to leave those types of things in the hands of those better equipped to handle it. Like my son’s birthday party cake pops, for example. The most skill it required was hitting the “add to cart” button on Etsy. I have no problem admitting that the execution on my creative ideas can be a little tricky.

But what about DIY inbound marketing? Is putting one person up to the monumental task of cultivating your online presence smart? Could you hire someone and let them take on the beast? If you ask me, probably not. Not effectively anyway. Hear me out on these five signs it’s time to give up on DIY inbound marketing and then you can weigh in, too.

  1. Your blog is comprised entirely of company news.
    I had this friend in 5th grade and everything was all about her. I hated hanging out with her. Don’t be a 5th grade attention monger. People don’t just want to hear about your talent acquisitions.
  1. You can’t stop talking about the features in the super awesome product you just launched
    Don’t get mad, but no one cares. NO ONE CARES. Sorry. I get a little angry when people want to focus exclusively on the products that they sell without focusing on the buyer. Let’s get something straight: your marketing strategy is not about you. One of the biggest problems with DIY or even internal marketing is that the person in charge is so caught up in the everyday dealings within the company that they can’t pull their face far enough out of it to actually talk to their audience.
  1. Your marketing efforts have no accountability.
    Having someone in house handle marketing seems really awesome, right? But when you or an employee are the ones that handle your marketing, there’s very little room for judgment. Office politics get in the way and the sales team can’t exactly hold their thumb over an executive for better results.
  1. You can never find time to create content.
    Working in an office is distracting. You’ve got Gabby the Office Gossiper, Edward the Endless E-miler and Olivia the Operations Officer constantly interrupting every single thing you do. Blogging? Ha. Not gonna happen. Let alone sitting down to write that 10-page eBook. Who has the time for that?
  1. You’re super out of touch with your buyer persona, don’t know what a hashtag is, and focusing on all the wrong social media networks.
    Okay, so that was more than 1 thing. That’s the problem – there are so many things wrong with DIY inbound marketing that I could barely contain it to just three reasons. You need to deliver a buyer persona profile, plan content, understand which social media networks are best for you, use all the right hashtags and measure everything! Starting to feel a little overwhelmed?

I discovered a long time ago that despite my Type A tendencies, I can’t possibly be good at everything. And you, Master of the Universe, aren’t any different. I know it’s hard to give it up. Marketing is fun. But ultimately you have a job to do. It might be time to eliminate this stress from your plate and pass it off to the hands of the expert.

What do you think? Can inbound be successfully executed by one person or in house at an organization? Weigh in in the comments.

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