November 19, 2014 at 8:00 am

B2B’s Can’t Afford to Avoid Marketing on LinkedIn

B2B’s Can’t Afford to Avoid Marketing on LinkedIn

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Just because LinkedIn has the reputation of being the suit and tie of the social media world doesn’t mean it lacks value. A lot of marketers have passed over the site on first glance because they saw it as too stuffy and not as social as it’s cousins, Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn has actually become the go-to social network for B2B’s. There are 332 million users worldwide and 40 percent of those users check-in to the site daily. It’s an easy way to build and nurture relationships with potential clients, as well as create awareness of your organization’s brand.

While LinkedIn may not be the place where you share hilarious Jimmy Fallon videos or check out photos of all your friends super cute kiddos, it has an extreme and unavoidable value for businesses.

Here are 5 reasons your organization can’t afford to avoid Marketing on LinkedIn any longer.

  1. You can quickly and easily find your targeted industry and start connecting with decision makers from all over the globe. With 1 million groups as of March 2013, there is a veritable buffet of options. Use the groups to join discussions, answer questions and share your organization’s content.
  2. Speaking of content, LinkedIn users actively seek out industry insights; 6 out of 10 users often search for content that provides them a window on an industry. Make sure the majority of the content your share is helpful and useful to your followers. Self-promotion is fine, but being helpful is a much more effective business tool.
  3. Part of sharing your content is that you drive more traffic to your site. LinkedIn is top-notch when it comes to post engagement. LinkedIn sends 4 times more traffic to your homepage over Twitter and Facebook. 91% of digital marketers consider LinkedIn to be the number one channel to distribute content. Need more convincing? LinkedIn bests Twitter, Facebook and Google+ combined at sending traffic to B2B sites and blogs.
  4. Want to talk conversions? There are over 200 of those happening every minute within LinkedIn Groups. In addition, 50% of LinkedIn members report they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.
  5. Need a reason to beef up your blogs or create a more informative site? Check out this stat: 80% of LinkedIn members connect with businesses to enhance their decision-making.

If you’ve been putting on your blinders and ignoring LinkedIn, it’s time to open your eyes and give this business behemoth a shot. Not only does it best the more popular social networks in site traffic, but it allows you to connect to and build relationships with decision-makers who may just need your services. It is the last and final word in social media marketing for B2B’s.

Has you business or organization found social media marketing success on LinkedIn? Tell us about it in the comments!

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