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4 Ways to Organize Blog Content to Make it Easier on Your Reader

4 Ways to Organize Blog Content to Make it Easier on Your Reader

162815624You’ve got a great idea for your next blog. It’s interesting and helpful. The value is there, but how do you present your information in a way that gets people to read it? If you’re looking for ways to organize blog content to make things easier on yourself and on your reader, implement these four ideas.

  1. Get to the point:
    From my own blog writing experience, I know that I tend to ramble, but it’s important to quickly show the reader the value in your article. Why are they reading this? What’s in it for them? Grab the reader’s attention from the start and try to keep a conversational tone, but be careful not to lose your point. Keep your introduction to a few sentences and then jump right in. Tell your reader what you’re going to discuss, that information is probably why they clicked on the link in the first place.
  2. Use bullet points and lists:
    Separating your information into smaller pieces makes it easier for the reader to digest. Decide what main points you want to hit and write a bit about each. Now that you have the important information highlighted, the reader can scan the article and see exactly what they are getting. Reading through huge chunks of text can feel daunting; don’t make the reader search for the value.
  3. Don’t stress over your word count:
    Length is something that a lot of people struggle with. Something is only good and important if it’s “x” amount of pages, right? But, what is that perfect amount? No one knows. Write as much or as little as you need to present your information properly. No need to stretch it out just to make it longer. The reader will thank you in the end when they don’t have to suffer through a bunch of extra text. Don’t become so obsessed with length that your writing gets bogged down as a result.
  4. Wrap it up nice:
    A poor conclusion can kill what was a strong piece of writing. It can be hard to muster those last few sentences, but it’s important to finish strong. This is the last thing they’ll read, the thing they will takeaway from your article. Wrap up your blog in a few sentences by simply reminding the reader of the main points.

You have information that’s valuable for the reader, but the way you organize this information is just as important. Keep it conversational and don’t be afraid to jump right in to your topic. Make sure your information is broken down into the most valuable pieces and presented in a way that’s easy to read. Length or the number of words does not equal quality; use as much or as little space as you need to present your information. Your ending is just as important as the bulk of the information. Those last sentences are what the reader will takeaway from your blog, make them count!

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