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4 Reasons Why Your Sales Manager is Mad at You

4 Reasons Why Your Sales Manager is Mad at You

461766371We’ve all been there. You come back from your next sales meeting walking on eggshells. Your sales manager looks upset. You’re not sure if it’s because that deal you were working on hasn’t closed yet or because she skipped lunch again. You lay low at your desk and feverishly begin logging your notes from your sales appointments. You check her Facebook page and Twitter for any indication of her mood. A meme, a cryptic quote – anything will work. Wouldn’t you love to know what’s bothering her? Keeping your sales manager happy is a fine balancing act sometimes. You close a deal and it makes them happy, but you don’t hit numbers for the quarter and they’re not so happy. The unknown element is what places a lot of stress on sales reps. When you work mainly for commission, you don’t need that extra stress. In order to eliminate the guessing game and open up some insight into the complicated role of the sales manager, we’ve compiled four reasons why your sales manager is mad at you.

  1.  He has no idea what deals are in the pipeline.
    If there’s one thing sales managers hate, it’s being in the dark on numbers. Managers are held accountable by the executive team to hit certain revenue goals. On months that numbers are less than stellar, the only way that a sales manager can ease an executive’s fear and get them off the team’s back is to show them what the pipeline looks like. In order to speak intelligently about that pipeline – she has to know what deals you have that are closing. If you haven’t been communicating about your deals, then your sales manager probably isn’t very happy with you.
  1. 470163601Your conversion rate sucks.
    Feeling like a lot of your leads are falling through the cracks? Unfortunately your organization pays big bucks to bring those leads in, so if your conversion rate is less than stellar or you don’t know what your conversion rate is, it’s time to make a change. Eliminate the standard follow-up e-mail and get a task management tool or CRM that can help you track every single lead and better understand why they didn’t convert. This will allow you to pass that information on to the sales manager and marketing team and help them hone their efforts so you can close more sales.
  1. You have no activity, prospects or opportunities logged in your CRM.
    If you’ve got a CRM and aren’t using it – your sales manager isn’t just mad at you, she’s likely downright pissed. In order to help you refine your sales process and understand what’s working and what isn’t working – you need to document that process. Documentation in CRMs isn’t all about micromanagement, it’s there to help everyone. It helps marketers market better, executives and managers get a better handle on the pipeline, and sales reps (yes, you) close more deals.
  1. The huge lead you’ve been working on finally closed – with your competition.
    You know what it feels like to lose a big one because of timing? It’s not the best feeling in the world. And when your sales manager finds out that you lost the deal to your competition, he’s not going to be too excited either. If you lose a lead, make sure you have a very good idea of why you lost that lead to your competition so you can do better next time. 

Now, there could be other reasons your sales manager is mad at you – like that time you took the last cup of coffee without making a new pot, but at least these are a few that might help you do better in your sales career. If you’re feeling frustrated in your sales position or your boss won’t get off your back – it might be time to become more accountable by documenting your sales process and collaborating with your sales manager and marketing department to help identify issues. Avoid becoming a pissed off sales organization by working together. A team that works together to identify and solve problems is a happy team.

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